Rocco Forte Private Villas

Just up the coast from Verdura Resort, the beautiful grass-carpeted north of our estate is home to a new grove of exceptional three- and four-bedroom Rocco Forte Private Villas. These villas are masterpieces of sustainable modern architecture built in harmony with the Resort’s scenic surrounds. Each is designed to pay homage to Sicily’s natural beauty throughout, with floor-to-ceiling windows allowing light to illuminate the interiors while simultaneously offering unparalleled views of the Mediterranean. Meanwhile, a spring-inspired colour palette echoes the citrus and olive shades of Verdura’s gardens and ancient groves.

As with all Rocco Forte Hotel's properties, luxury abounds with no detail overlooked. From private plunge pools to expansive living spaces and atmospheric courtyards, each Villa is perfect for delighting families or large entourages.

Opening Spring 2021

Three Bedroom Private Villa
Four Bedroom Private Villa