Highland Wagyu Scotch Egg with Black Garlic HP Sauce - Recipe by Mark Donald

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Recipe by Mark Donald, Head Chef of Number One

For the Sausage mix:

400g Highland Wagyu beef mince
200g sausage meat
100g onion diced
2 Sprigs Thyme
1 clove Garlic minced
50g dijon mustard
Pinch bi-carbonate of soda
1 Tablespoon ground black pepper
1 egg beaten

For the crumb mix:

6 eggs beaten with 100ml milk
Panko breadcrumbs
6 whole large eggs 

Boil the eggs(6) for 5 minutes. Place into a large bowl of iced water to stop them cooking.
Peel the eggs carefully and place onto a tray lined with kitchen towel and put them in the fridge.
Meanwhile sweat the onion with the garlic and thyme. Allow to cool.
Thoroughly mix the remaining ingredients together with the onion mix.
Season the mix with salt.
Take a small amount of the mix and cook a piece for yourself checking the seasoning.
Adjust to your own personal taste.
Once you are happy with seasoning, refrigerate the mix and allow to rest.
Once rested, weigh the mix into 60g portions and roll into balls.
Press each ball into a patty shape and then place an egg in the centre of each.
Pull the meat up around the egg and pinch the meat at the top, totally encasing the egg with the meat.
Take a little time to make sure there are no holes or gaps and you have a good shape.

To crumb:

Take 3 Large bowls and fill them with flour, egg wash and panko breadcrumbs.
Place the eggs in the flour and roll around carefully to cover.
Now place the eggs in the bowl with the egg wash.
Finally place in the bowl with breadcrumbs.
Reshape if required.
Allow the eggs to set in the fridge for a few hours before cooking.

To cook:

Fry the eggs in oil at 180 degrees celsius for 5 minutes and then place in a hot oven (170) for 1 minute. Let the eggs rest for 5 minutes before eating.

Black Garlic HP sauce:

300g onions brunoise
1 clove garlic, minced
300g tomato juice
100g red wine vinegar
50g Sherry vinegar
100g molasses
50g sugar
80g dates (soaked in hot water)
80g black garlic
50ml of worcester sauce

Sweat the onions and garlic until soft.
Add the dates, cook until broken down and soft.
Add all liquids and sugar and cook until reduced and syrupy.
In an upright blender blitz until smooth.
Adjust the seasoning to suit your taste.
It should be punchy, sweet, tangy and piquant.

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