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Eastertime in Sicily is blissful: the Mediterranean sun has begun its climb towards zenith, shining serenely across ancient olive groves and verdant fields. Meanwhile, the Sirocco wind blows anew from Africa, coursing temperately across the island carrying the wonderful scents of citrus and blooms with it. 

Whether with your family, a loved one, or a group of lifelong friends, Verdura Resort makes the perfect retreat from which to explore this enchanting island. To make your escape even more special, a suite of convivial Easter experiences will immerse you in Sicily’s diverse cultural heritage, which spans religions, geographies and millennia. 

Over five days, Sicily is yours to discover. Arrive on April 9th, and, after unpacking, tour the beautiful Verdura property, from the gnarled, twisting olive trees to the porcelain white sands of our pristine beach. From here, the azure crests of the Mediterranean are yours to experience. Our Water Sports Club will furnish you with flyboards, kayaks, and much more—the ideal mid-morning pastime for couples and families alike. 

After working up at appetite, participate in a Sicilian cooking class, learning to master the notoriously precise art of pizza making; or, for couples, there’s Verdura Spa’s Sicilian Aroma Relax Massage, a heavenly therapy that utilises Sicily’s aromatic flora in its ambrosial oils. Wine tasting and live music at Granita Bar offer the perfect setting in which to toast to a day well spent as the sun sinks on the horizon.

Over the coming days, experience Sicily by land and sea. Take a boat to uncover the island’s jagged coastline and rocky coves, while swimming in the paradisiacal waters; charter a Porsche and wind through exhilarating curving coastal roads; teach your family the art of golf at the Junior Academy or even take part in the adult tournament; and explore the nearby acropolis of Akraga, the ancient Greek city state that once resisted Carthage. 

As Easter Day swings round, prepare for a day of joyous celebrations. In the morning, collect your baskets and hunt for vibrant Easter eggs. Then, at lunch, arrive at the picturesque Library for a solemn Easter Mass, before enjoying an inimitable brunch at Amare. Overlooking the cerulean seascape, Amare’s pan-Mediterranean seafood offerings are locally caught, elegantly flavoured and delightfully light. Round off the perfect Easter with nourishing full-body treatments, such as the Apricot Creamy Body Scrub, or Trapani Sea Salt Body Scrub, before sinking, relaxed, into the sumptuous bed of your room, suite or villa.

Book your stay at Verdura Resort and enjoy Easter in spectacularly Sicilian style. Just email reservations.verdura@roccofortehotels.com or call +39 06 32 888 630.

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