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    Exhibitions at Wiels

    Between 2nd January and 28th April 2019

    WIELS is the center of contemporary art in Brussels, housed in a magnificent building of the former Wielmans-Ceuppens brewery. It defines itself as an "international laboratory for the creation and diffusion of contemporary art". With no permanent, owned collection the WIELS develops, throughout the year, three types of temporary activities: exhibitions, residencies of artists and activities related to education and meditation.

    Hotel Amigo is proud to include WIELS among its official partners, to offer its clients exhibitions, activities and workshops of renowned contemporary art.

    Benoît Platéus « One Inch Off » - 2nd January until 28th April 2019 This exhibition devoted to Benoît Platéus (b. 1972 in Liège; lives and works in Brussels) is the first to look back at the artist’s work from his earliest photographs to his most recent paintings. Taking a non-linear approach, it includes several previously unseen works and sheds light on the concerns that recur in the artist’s practice despite his use of highly diverse media and techniques.

    Ellen Gallagher with Edgar Cleijne « Liquid Intelligence » - 2nd January until 28th April 2019

    Ellen Gallagher is one of the most remarkable artists working today. In her work she bridges the gap between organic iconographies based on microbiological forms from oceanography, and racialized icons and symbols. She reinterprets both everyday images and black idols from pop culture as she wrangles with American history and culture. With her poetic and playful vocabulary, she explores North American stories and tropes that are also highly topical in current European debates on decolonization, underpinning an ecological consciousness of human existence. Gallagher develops surrealistic iconographies that depict the mythical worlds of Afrofuturism with the legacy of the artist Sun Ra, of subsea life forms and of the 'Black Atlantic' and the Middle Passage, the slave route across the Atlantic Ocean.

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    WIELS, Contemporary Art Centre
    Between 2nd January and 28nd April 2019
    Av. Van Volxemlaan 354, 1190 Brussels
    Just 10 minutes’ drive from Hotel Amigo

    Wiels Contemporary Art Center