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Art Hunt

Discover the Uffizi Gallery with your Children.

Children and museums, two concepts that, until yesterday, were worlds apart. But today that’s all history, or, should we say, art history. The Hotel Savoy in Florence is writing that history, by giving its young guests, the Savoykids, the chance to turn their visit to the Uffizi Gallery and its works of art into a fascinating game. How? By inventing an entirely original treasure hunt. 

The Hotel Savoy, in collaboration with the great Florentine museum, (which, just to remind you, is a two minutes’ walk from the hotel), has created an irresistible treasure hunt that will arouse children’s curiosity as well as their artistic sensitivity, as well as giving their parents to see their children having fun during their trip to the Uffizi. There’s a magic box to guide the children, containing the treasure map (in other words, the route through the museum’s main rooms, showing the details they need to find in each area), and a series of cards which show the treasureshidden in the works of the great masters. It’s all there waiting to be discovered.

The treasure hunt’s theme is animals, dogs, cats, birds, horses, elephants, rabbits, butterflies, mice and, of course, dragons, snakes and scorpions, which artists from the XIII to the XVIII century all included in their masterpieces.  Shall we put our Savoykids to the test? OK - here we go. Which animals keep Tiziano’s Venus company? What takes pride of place in Paolo Uccello’s large canvas and Mantegna’s Triptych? Can you find where the beautiful white horse is hidden in Botticelli’s Adoration of the Magi? And who painted one of the most terrifying dragons in Italian art? Or, what wriggles in amongst the hair of Caravaggio’s Medusa? And from which small bird does Raffaello’s Madonna get her name? And which highly poisonous animal holds a precious stone against the forehead of Elisabetta da Gonzaga, which was also painted by Raffaello? And of course, the hunt goes on…

You can be sure our whizz-kids will be able to answer every single question, and that, as they grow up, they’ll discover there’s no game that’s more fun than art. One last thing; every young guest who completes the treasure hunt, identifies all the details and writes the title of the painting, the year it was painted and the name of the artist on the card, will receive a delicious snack from the Savoy team upon their arrival.

Terms and conditions

Duration: approximately 3 hours
Number of participants: 4 minimum
Language: English and Italian, tour is also available in alternative langauges upon request
€155 per person
€110 children up to 12 years
The tour is not available on Mondays

For more information or to book the experience please contact our Concierge: +39 055 2735836;