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Just a short drive from Hotel Savoy, you’ll find a truly idyllic stretch of countryside dotted with cypress woods and olive trees, where the wonderful Fattoria di Maiano is well worth a day trip. Nestled in the Tuscan hills and enjoyed by visitors and locals alike, this magical location offers an array of activities for all ages to enjoy.

Fattoria di Maiano is the perfect place to reconnect with nature and awaken your senses. Here, you can explore Italy’s largest botanical garden, designed by English nobleman Sir John Temple Leader during the nineteenth century. An impressive variety of trees unfold between the Fiesole hills and a rocky quarry, making a postcard-perfect spot for restorative walks, solo meditation and family picnics.

Our concierge will be more than happy to book you a guided tour of the botanical garden to uncover its fascinating history and ties with Florence’s famed Medici family. Children will have the opportunity to enjoy a multisensory experience and learn the processes behind growing organic seasonal crops, as well as how this location has inspired the works of many artists and prolific characters since its creation.

Animal lovers will adore the educational farm, home to an array of characterful animals free to roam as they please, including horses, sheep, geese, hens, ducks, ostriches and donkeys from Amiata. Get to know the animals up close by opting for a 1-1.5 hour tour of the farm. Olive harvesting methods are regionally specific, and Tuscany is no exception. Find out more about the properties and processes involved in growing, harvesting and transforming olives into an extraordinary organic extra-virgin oil. Our fun tour that continues from the olive grove up to the mill, to explain the processes of pressing, storage and bottling, concluding with a tasting of delicious local produce.

Families can immerse themselves in nature with a green-fingered tour of the expansive vegetable gardens and fruit orchards. Children will be given the chance to experience sowing or harvesting techniques, according to the season. In addition, they will learn to recognise the aromas and characteristics of the many medicinal plants in the garden. Be sure to set aside time for a delicious lunch or dinner in Fattoria's picturesque farm restaurant, Lo Spaccio, where a passion for sustainably sourced Tuscan produce is reflected in their seasonal menu. Guests staying at Hotel Savoy are welcome to spend a morning, afternoon or even an entire day enjoying the facilities at Fattoria di Maiano.

We offer an exceptional service for the little ones during your stay at Hotel Savoy, and we’re happy to suggest city activities and countryside adventures on our doorstep, in places so beautiful that you will feel like you’ve been transported to another world. As always, our Concierge is happy to customise your experience upon request.

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