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Stibbert Museum

A place where time stands still

Visit the Stibbert Museum and step into the eclectic and intriguing world of Frederick Stibbert, a collector and Anglo-Italian businessman who lived in the beautiful Villa di Montughi during the nineteenth century.

Children will be intrigued by the extensive collection of weapons, armour, clothing, and objects from different eras, collected by Stibbert during his life. The Stibbert Museum is a unique experience, a view into the world of an inveterate collector whose curiosity was all encompassing. There are almost 50,000 pieces in the collection, most of which were arranged to display by Stibbert himself.

The tour of the museum winds its way through several rooms of the villa where you pass through his vast collection, precisely and orderly organized. You can almost imagine Stibbert sipping a cup of tea or studying one of his many books. The rooms are so full that you can easily lose yourself in the contemplation of it all.

When you have satisfied your curiosity, take a wander around the beautiful and romantic English-style park surrounding Villa Montughi. As you meander among ancient trees, keep an eye out for an eccentric Egyptian temple overlooking the lake, built by Stibbert himself who was passionate about Egypt, among many other things!

Duration: Two hours

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