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Hotel Savoy and Very Important Kids (VIK) have designed a series of adventures where families can learn about the culture and history of Florence. Immerse in the sights and sounds of the city as our expert guides help you experience the best of Florence.

VIK (Very Important Kids) is a service company that organises exclusive and fun activities for parents and little travellers visiting Tuscany. Their main objective is to share their passion for the cultural life and the artistic beauties of the country by creating unforgettable family memories. VIK designs experiences on the concept of edutainment (educating by entertaining). All programmes are written by an Art History professor and activities are coordinated and planned by kids’ specialists.

Mystery at the Stibbert museum

Gather around Mr Stibbert’s (friendly) ghost as he regales your family with tales of ancient battles in an armour-filled room. Embark upon a treasure hunt around the museum, solve riddles and enigmas with an art history teacher and finish with a craft workshop.

€490 + museum entry fee
Duration: 3 hours

For an unforgettable experience, the Mystery at the Stibbert museum experience is available after hours by appointment with a €500 museum donation.

Discover Florence through your five senses

Discover Florence through the sights, tastes, feel, scent and sounds of the city.

Choose a theme: coat of arms, the Medici family, street art and our VIK guide will lead you through a sensory adventure of Florence. Search for new things, taste chocolate or gelato, determine objects through touch, listen to music and create your own perfume with a master perfumer in one of the most beautiful venues in Florence.

From €480 for a family of five people maximum
Duration: 3.5 hours

Become a spy in Florence

Led by VIK experts, our intrepid young spies will be handed their very own spy kit equipped with digital cameras, lasers and more top secret tools to search for hidden clues around the city. Parents will have their own guide whilst our young spies focus on their mission.

They’ll rendezvous across the Arno at the Boboli Gardens to look for hidden treasure, and at the end of the adventure, the bravest and most attentive spies will be awarded a special VIK certificate.

€480 for a family of up to five people
Duration: 3.5 hours

The Old Windmills of Tuscany

In a magical space just outside of Florence stands a collection of abandoned windmills which were once vital to daily life. Discover their story in a rafting excursion along the Tuscan rivers in a hands-on adventure that engages the body and mind. Make your own paper or Lego windmill, then tuck into a well-earned Italian merenda in one of the most beautiful windmills near the city centre.

Perfect for active families.

From €480 for a family of up to five people
Duration: 3 hours

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