Easter 2020: an inspired family menu by Fulvio Pierangelini

For many years, Easter, above all, is a busy period for me. It’s an exciting time, you can feel the arrival of spring; the triumph of greenery, delicate ingredients, and fresh sheep's cheese taken from the first milk that exudes the essence of flowers and newly-cut grass.

This year, however, it will be a party for two people. As I will not be working, I will take the opportunity to cook something intimate for the person I love.

I'll try to recreate the desires and rituals that remind me of Easter as a child. The feast will begin in the morning with a hearty breakfast of fresh cheeses and cold cuts, fragrant buns, aniseed-scented cakes and boiled eggs, blessed by my mother at morning mass.

It will be beautiful, even without the magic of a cherished memory.

Fulvio Pierangelini, Creative Director of Food