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Double-height Steam Room

Double-Height Steam Room

Our double-height steam room deeply relaxes and cleanses the skin. It helps relieve muscle soreness and joint stiffness, as well as enhance your immune system through lymph detoxification and blood circulation. The high concentration of steam helps to exercise the lungs. The steam room can be used at your leisure.

Finnish Saunas

Finnish Saunas

We have Finnish saunas in our male and female changing rooms. Saunas positively influence the mind and body. They improve the immune system and blood circulation, as well as cleanse and rejuvenate the skin. The saunas can be used at your leisure.

Infrared Saunas

Infrared Saunas

Our infrared sauna deeply penetrates the skin, activating the cells, supporting metabolic processes and decoupling toxins from water molecules.
20 Mins

Please book to use one of our infraredsaunas via the Spa Reception.

Experience Showers

Experience Shower

Our two experience showers have different features which combine perfectly with our heat experiences. A cold rain shower can be used in combination with the heat treatments to stimulate and tone the body. The side body jets are great for stimulating circulation and the tropical rain shower head can be  combined with lighting to give a refreshing and revitalising experience. The interplay of all these features together has extremely beneficial effects. The showers can be used at your leisure.

Indoor Lap Pool

Indoor Lap Pool

Our 20-metre indoor pool is perfect for swimming laps, with an infinity edge overlooking the golf courses outside. The pool can be used at your leisure.

Water Wellness

Water Wellness

Private Soak
Soaking helps to purify and detoxify the skin. Enjoy your personalised tray in the comfort of your room. Choose from a variety of Sicilian bath salts and herbs for your soak. Finish with the application of one of our body oils to moisturise the skin.

Steam Face & Body Exfoliation
Enjoy our Apricot Creamy Body Scrub or Trapani Sea Salt Body Scrub and Almond Face Scrub in our double-height steam room to remove impurities from the face and body, smooth skin and improve the skin’s texture. Rinse off with our experience showers and finish with the application of one of our face and body oils to leave skin feeling silky smooth.

Steam Body Exfoliation
Enjoy our Apricot Creamy Body Scrub or Trapani Sea Salt Body Scrub to be used in our double-height steam room to remove impurities, smooth the skin and improve its texture. Rinse off with our experience showers and finish with the application of one of our body oils to leave the skin silky smooth.

For all of the above water experiences you will receive a personalised tray with selected Irene Forte Skincare products, along with an explanation of how to use the products. Please book in advance with the Spa Reception.



Thalassotherapy is a medical cure that uses the power of seawater, a natural element that was already known for its healing qualities in 450BC (as stated by Euripides).

In the past, seawater was largely used in France to heal osteoarthritis and for psychophysical regeneration. The principle parameters for classical thalassotherapy are the immersion times and temperature; however, in our circuit the different temperatures are optimised by the introduction of varying salt densities and jets in each pool.
When doing the circuit you should move from the first to the fourth pool, spending 15-20 minutes in each pool.

This is the ideal time to achieve electrolytic exchange. The circuit is deeply relaxing, and has a revitalising, antimicrobial and cleansing effect on the skin. It also promotes venous and lymphatic flow, removes toxins, as well as benefiting the neuromotor system.

The total circuit lasts 60-80 minutes. For further information on how to use the Thalassotherapy Pools, please contact Spa Reception.

Pool 1
The Archimedes pool contains the most soluble marine salts, and in particular, magnesium chloride. It is also the warmest of all of the pools. The high salt density and high temperature allow for the osmosis of the marine salts into the skin. The absorption of the marine salts starts the body’s detoxification process. In addition, the absorption of magnesium helps to relax tired muscles, making it perfect for active individuals.

Pool 2
Still characterised by a high temperature and a high salt density, this pool also allows for the osmosis of marine salts into the skin. The absorption of the marine salts helps to continue the detoxification process, draining the body and removing toxins. Lying on the jet beds also helps activate venous circulation and tone the back tissues.

Pool 3
Lower in temperature and salinity than the first two pools, this pool still has a regenerating and anti-inflammatory effect on the body. The cascading waterfall jets tone and release the muscles in the cervical and dorsal region. They also relax the scalp, improving hairline circulation, thus reinforcing hair strength.

Pool 4
In contrast to the vasodilation caused by the three warmer pools, as our coldest pool, this pool encourages vasoconstriction, which has a toning effect and promotes vascular exercise. This is the deepest of the four pools, with numerous hydro massage jets coming from the ground to target the whole body. Walk up and down the pool to enjoy its full effects.


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