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Encore I: The Multi-Refine and Sculpt

A skin resurfacing treatment designed to refine skin texture and rejuvenate mature and stressed skin. Pietro Simone’s signature organic cotton thread method and deep tissue dry facial massage technique is coupled with the Italian Bella Complex®. This anti-ageing facial includes several phases of deep exfoliation, which help to promote cellular renewal and boost micro-circulation for smoother looking skin, with renewed radiance and vitality.

60 Mins - €150

Encore II: The Italian Bella Complex® Replenish

Designed to revive and brighten tired skin, this treatment includes Pietro Simone’s advanced signature deep tissue dry facial massage and layering techniques. Enriched with the exclusive Italian Bella Complex®, the high-potency IBC peptide concentrate and the Bio-Recovery formula, this is an indulgent, antioxidant facial designed to help restore a youthful, fresh appearance, moisturise and tone the skin.

90 Mins - €230


Osteopath Consultation

Osteopathy is a highly effective holistic approach that treats a wide range of body dysfunctions ranging from musculoskeletal

conditions (such as muscular pains, traumas, sport injuries, headaches) to systemic conditions (such as osteoarthritis and

rheumatoid arthritis). The initial consultation includes an understanding of your medical history, a general medical health check if needed, a full musculoskeletal examination and treatment. You will be given a personalised treatment plan in order to maintain the results of the treatment for medium to long term.

A treatment can include: soft tissue techniques to stretch, re-align and reduce inflammation on dysfunctional tissue structures of the body; manual trigger point release therapy; muscle energy techniques (MET) that stretch, strengthen or break down fibrous adhesions in muscles; high-velocity low-amplitude (HVLA) joint manipulation which releases restrictions in joints and articulations of the body; strain counterstrain which is a type of positional

release that attempts to alleviate muscle spasms and connective tissue tightness by using specific body positioning; and kinesio taping.

60 Mins

Osteopath Follow-Up Session

Following the initial consultation, a follow-up session involves continued treatment based on your unique needs, using any of the above techniques.

30 Mins



Using your chosen Irene Forte Skincare body oil, a personal consultation will ensure you receive a unique treatment to suit your specific needs.

50/80 Mins - €155/€180


Our massage oils and aromatic infusions created from the sun-drenched flora of Sicily are used to promote healthy skin and restore the body’s physical and emotional balance.

50/80 Mins - €155/€180


A rhythmic, dynamic and invigorating massage, where hot volcanic stones are placed on specific parts of the body to restore energy balance and reduce muscular tension.

80 Mins - €180


A massage designed for sporty individuals who want to relieve muscular tension.

50/80 Mins - €160/€195


This intense and deep massage releases connective tissue restrictions in the body, reaching deeper layers of muscle. Helps to reduce muscle tension and improve body posture.

50 Mins - €160


Our Therapists are certified in a variety of specialised massage techniques. Please check with our spa team for details of our range of advanced treatments, such as: Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Shiatsu, Thai Massage, Reflexology, Pregnancy Massage or Therapeutic Massage (with physiotherapist).

50/80 Mins - Prices vary per type of speciality massage

All massages can be carried out in room or outside of spa opening hours at an additional fee.


Before choosing a facial or body treatment, we recommend you have a consultation with one of our expert Therapists. Our Skin Plus Machine will be used to check the skin’s hydration, sebum, elasticity, pH and pigmentation levels. We can also check ageing and skin sensitivity levels, as well as UV tolerance. By providing you with a detailed analysis of your skin, we can not only give you tips and advice, but we can also help select the very best treatments for you.

20 Mins - €45 (free of charge if a Facial Treatment is booked)


Etna Age-Defying Facial

A powerful facial using hot and cold volcanic stones from Mount Etna to rebalance, revitalise and relax. A double mask application promotes skin firmness, hydration and radiance. Our signature triple facial massage technique stimulates circulation, oxygen and nutrient flow to the skin, enhancing natural collagen production. This active facial reveals a fresher, firmer and glowing complexion.

90 Mins - €205

Forte Facial

Following an in-depth skin analysis, this facial is tailored to you. It can be one of our specialised facials below, or a combination

of them:

Forte Purifier: designed for combination skin to deeply cleanse and refine the skin’s texture. Includes extraction.

Forte Brightener: perfect for dull and tired skin, helps skin regain its radiance and luminosity.

Forte Hydrator: for dry and dehydrated skin, helps nourish the skin and leave it silky smooth and hydrated.

60 Mins - €175

Lymphatic Drainage Facial Massage

A gentle facial massage that boosts the lymphatic system, eliminating toxins. Helps to reduce puffiness and leave you with a brighter complexion. This is the perfect add-on to Irene Forte facials.

25 Mins - €90

Forte Signature Facial Massage

Our signature double facial massage technique includes facial pressure-points followed by a face workout using our Age-Defying Rose Face Oil. Expect a hard workout with knuckling, skin rolling and much more, to stimulate circulation and enhance natural collagen production. Leaves skin tighter, lifted and facial muscles sculpted. This is the perfect add-on to body treatments or massages.

25 Mins - €90


Sicilian Scrub

Refreshes skin and removes unwanted skin cells, leaving skin silky smooth. It is the perfect add-on to another treatment.

30 Mins - €95

Mediterranean Nourishing Treatment

A deeply nourishing full-body treatment. Start with a double scrub with our Apricot Creamy Body Scrub and Trapani Sea Salt Body Scrub to remove impurities and leave your skin twice as smooth. Enjoy a full-body massage using our nourishing Sicilian oils,

followed by the application of our White Wine Body Cream, leaving you relaxed and moisturised to perfection.

60 Mins - €165

Sicilian Earth & Sea Toning Treatment

A luxurious and toning full-body treatment. Start with our Trapani Sea Salt Body Scrub to stimulate the detoxification process and leave skin silky smooth. Follow with our nutrient-rich algae and clay mud wrap to extract impurities and start the toning process. During the wrap, enjoy a scalp massage using cold volcanic stones from Mount Etna. Finish with a toning massage using our nourishing

Sicilian oils.

90 Mins - €195

Regenerating Hip-To-Toe Treatment

A luxurious and deeply revitalising full leg and foot treatment. Start with a sea salt leg scrub to remove impurities, followed by a draining massage to stimulate circulation, tighten and tone the legs. Enjoy the application of a vasoactive mask to enhance the detoxification process and improve the skin’s texture. Finish with a relaxing pressure point foot massage to boost circulation, restore balance and leave you with the ultimate feeling of lightness from hip-to-toe.

60 Mins - €145

Olive Oil Head Treatment

An energising scalp massage with olive oil. Helps to reduce tension in the mind, increase circulation and nourish the hair.

50 Mins - €95


An effective detoxifying treatment, which through lymphatic drainage, helps to eliminate toxins in the body and reduce water retention.

50 Mins - €115


Mediterranean Skin Diet Facial Ritual

Following a foot soak, awaken your senses with a rhythmic mini back massage accompanied to Sicilian music. The facial follows with the flowing application of Verdura’s organic olive oil to pre-cleanse and nourish the skin. Enjoy an indulgent triple mask application, along with our triple signature facial massage technique, to promote hydration and radiance. The multiple layering of active ingredients in this ritual will rebalance, revitalise and deeply renew the skin, whilst the Sicilian music will leave you in a state of complete relaxation.

100 Mins - €185

Olive Oil Body Ritual

Filled with Sicilian scents and natural remedies, this indulgent head-to-toe treatment will nurture, nourish and revitalise. Following a relaxing foot soak, our full-body olive leaf and Trapani sea salt body scrub will leave skin silky smooth. Verdura’s organic olive oil will then be brushed all over your body before you are wrapped up to let the oil’s nutrients deeply absorb into your skin. Our signature facial pressure point massage and an invigorating scalp massage follows, before finishing with a full-body massage using Irene Forte Skincare’s Sicilian ingredients.

120 Mins - €230

Forte Face & Body Ritual

Following a relaxing foot soak, enjoy a full-body scrub to smooth your skin. An invigorating full-body massage follows using our Sicilian oils, as well as the application of our rich herbal body mask. Finish with a facial to leave your skin radiant and luminous. This luxurious ritual nourishes the skin from head-to-toe and ensures profound relaxation.

120 Mins - €290

All of the above rituals can be carried out for a couple in our double treatment suite at an additional fee.



Hair services are available upon request.


Classic Manicure

Includes nail shaping, cuticle care, a nourishing hand massage, and finishes with a polish of choice.

45 Mins - €65

Shellac Manicure

Includes nail shaping, cuticle care, a nourishing hand massage, and finishes with a shellac colour of choice.

60 Mins - €115

Luxury Manicure

Our most luxurious manicure provides you with perfect hand and nail grooming. This treatment is accompanied by a softening exfoliation, a warm mask to moisturise, followed by a hand to forearm massage, and completed with a polish of choice.

60 Mins - €85

Classic Pedicure

Includes nail shaping, cuticle care, hard skin removal, a relaxing foot massage, and finishes with a polish of choice.

45 Mins - €75

Shellac Pedicure

Includes nail shaping, cuticle care, hard skin removal, a relaxing foot massage, and finishes with a shellac colour of choice.

60 Mins - €125

Luxury Pedicure

A pure pampering treatment to leave your feet feeling totally renewed. This luxurious pedicure includes nail shaping and cuticle care, a foot exfoliation and peel to remove hard skin from your heels, a warm mask treatment, followed by a relaxing foot massage. It is completed with a polish of choice.

60 Mins - €125

Colour Change

20 Mins - €25

Shellac Removal

15 Mins - €35












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