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Arts & Culture


Get to know Sicily’s Phoenician capital in an all-encompassing guided tour in and around Palermo. Start the day like a local with a morning shopping trip to Capo market, taking in the vibrant sights, sounds and streetfood of the fabled mercato. Appetites sated, the tour will next take you through the city’s boulevards, piazzas and ancient Old Quarter, past its palaces, churches and fountains, stopping off to take in the Quattro Canti – the four corners of the city – and the Duomo. End the adventure in a drive to the Arab-Norman architectural treasure of Monreale, a 12th-century town just outside of Palermo – the perfect end to a perfect Palermo day. 



A multi-stop tour taking in some of the island’s most geographically and culturally exciting spots, this expedition across western Sicily starts in Segata, where your guide will take you on a tour of the famous temple and Greek amphitheatre atop Mount Barbaro. Next stop, the medieval mountaintop town of Erice, with sweeping views over Trapani, the Aegadian Islands and, on a clear day, all the way to the coast of Africa. Stopping at Erice’s renowned pastry shop Pasticceria Maria Grammatico, you will finish the day in the remarkable salt pans at Trapani.



Take in two of Sicily’s most stunning sites on a guided day-trip to Cefalù and Castelbuono. Beginning with a drive to the captivating medieval village of Castelbuono, nestled in the Madonie Mountains, your guide will take you through its storied church, castle and charming cobbled streets, then onto Cefalù – a seaside city blessed by expansive beaches and a beautiful historical centre. Explore the old town, the 12th-century cathedral and its Byzantine mosaics before your driver takes you back to Palermo. 



 An integral part of Palermo’s past, Sicily’s Jewish community saw the city’s synagogue reinstated in 2017 – 500 years after its abolishment. This fascinating, focused tour takes visitors through the history of one of Europe’s oldest Jewish communities – in Palermo since the sixth century – through the historic Jewish Quarter and the traditional miqveh, and onto the Duomo, the Hebrew-inscribed Zisa Palace and finally to Monreale town. 



Travel back to Palermo’s Belle Époque, following in the footsteps of one of Sicily’s most prominent families: the Florios – influential entrepreneurs and patrons of Palermo. Bringing Palermo’s history to life through the stories of this famous family, the tour will take in important addresses in their history: Villino Florio all’Olivuzza, an Art Nouveau beauty built by Ernesto Basile for the family; Teatro Massimo, the cultural hotspot commissioned by the Florios; and the Palazzina dei Quattro Pizzi, the Neo-Gothic residence of Vincenzo Florio.



Film fanatics and newcomers to Sicily alike will delight in revisiting the locations chosen for filming the Leopard, a movie that surely left a mark on film’s history. Set in 19th-century Sicily and original novel by Lampedusa, step back in time whilst admiring the remarkable Villa Boscogrande and Palazzo Gangi, as well as Palazzo Lanza Tomasi, home to the novel’s author Prince Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa during our guided visits (locations may be visited individually or as a complete tour).