Looking for something new in the city?

Filippo Di Marino, Head Bartender at Hotel Amigo, who acquired expertise in Mixology through years of experience, reinterprets an Anglo-Saxon tradition: the Gin and Tonic.

With his creations, Filippo draws on his Italian heritage in order to offer an original way to discover or rediscover the Gin and Tonic by suggesting a wide range of Gins from different countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Iceland, England, Scotland and ... Belgium.

Exclusively in Brussels, Bar A's team suggests to share with you a real experience with a tasting of three Gin and Tonics composition to choose from Bar A's menu.

Spicy, fruity, dry or sweet depending your taste or your mood, there is a Gin and Tonic for every occasion.

For more information or reservations call +32 2 547 47 19 or email