At De Russie Spa

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We’ve created something for everyone. All of our programmes include entry and full use of our spa facilities, as well as lockers, towels, bathrobes, slippers and refreshing drinks, tea and fresh fruit.

For further information on any of our programmes or to book, please contact the spa directly.

Day Spa Pass

Day Spa Pass

If you’re a non-resident guest, enjoy a Day Spa pass, which includes entry and full use of our spa facilities, as well as lockers, towels, bathrobes, slippers, refreshing drinks and fresh fruit.

Day Pass – €45 Per Person

Golden Day

The Golden Day Programme includes:

– Mini Facial

– Body Scrub

– Body Massage

– Mini-Manicure

180 Minutes – €290

Silver Day

The Silver Day Programme includes:

– Skinceuticals Facial

– Aroma Massage

150 Minutes – €250

Platinum Day

The Platinum Day Programme includes:

– Facial Treatment

– Body Treatment

- Luxury Manicure

- Luxury Pedicure

- Body Massage

5 Hours – €480

De Russie Beauty Day

The Beauty Day Programme includes:

– Manicure

– Pedicure

– Wash and Blow-dry with Shu Uemura Ceremony

150 Minutes – €220

Energising Jet-Lag Programme

Perfect for travellers seeking a quick and effective energy boost for the body and mind, this energising programme helps combat jet-lag with:

– Regenerating Body Scrub

– Volcanic Stones Back Massage

– Aroma Body Massage

– Aroma Face Massage

150 Minutes – €300

Gentleman's Programme

Perfect for men in search of physical and mental regeneration, this programme includes:

– Forte Facial

– Revitalising Body Scrub

– Aroma Body Massage

– Mini-Manicure

160 Minutes – €350

Detox Programmes

Individual Detox Treatments

Are you looking for treatments to help you detoxify? Choose any of the following:

– Sicilian Scrub, 40 Minutes

– Lymphatic Massage, 50/80 Minutes

– Regenerating Hip-To-Toe Treatment, 50 Minutes

Detox Day

Detoxify in a day with our indulgent full-body experience. Start with our Trapani Sea Salt Body Scrub to stimulate the detoxifying process. Follow with the application of our nutrient-rich algae and clay mud wrap to extract impurities, slim and tone the body. Relax with a pressurepoint face massage and a scalp massage using cold volcanic stones from Mount Etna. A draining full-body massage follows using our Blackcurrant Body Oil, before sipping on a detoxifying smoothie.

80 Minutes - €170

Detox Package

Day 1 – Ayurveda Garshan Dren

A treatment designed to fight imperfections caused by water retention and poor circulation, as well as to help fight edematous cellulite. Draining and detoxifying, this treatment favours the elimination of fluids and the removal of waste.

50 Minutes

Day 2 – Ayurveda Garshan Slim

A treatment designed to shape the body, reduce fat and hard cellulite. A holistic shaping massage technique is combined with essential oils and seaweed to support the rebalancing of energy flow, adipose tissue and fluid retention.

50 Minutes

Day 3 – Ayurveda Garshan Tone

A treatment designed to stimulate lipolysis and fat burning, supporting drainage and oxygenation of the body. Helps to reduce imperfections caused by cellulite, improve tissue tone and elasticity.

50 Minutes

3 Days - €490

Circulatory Massage or Lymphatic Massage

50 Minutes

Enjoy a detoxifying smoothie after your treatments.

Wedding Day

Get ready for your big day with our indulgent

and pampering wedding package, which includes:

– Sicilian Sea & Earth Toning Treatment

– Luxury Manicure and Pedicure

– Forte Brightener Facial

– Healthy Cocktail

4 Hours – €450