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“From ship to plate in 48” is the motto of Cornwall-based purveyors of fresh fish and seafood, Flying Fish Seafoods. One of many sustainable, seasonal suppliers to Brown’s Hotel, via Michelin-starred Chef Director Adam Byatt, guests dining at Charlie’s can enjoy their delicious produce prepared in a number of ways. Here Joedy Barbery, Sales Manager, explains how the company was started, its ethos and the journey their fish undertake from ship to plate.


Tell us a bit about how the company started and its founders…

“Johnny Godden founded the company in 2006. He would personally get up early, each weekday day to purchase that day’s landings from the local markets. He would call his loyal customers, offer them that day’s beautiful catch, pack and prepare it himself, then deliver it to them in person. To this day, we operate in exactly the same way, just on a slightly larger scale.”


What makes Cornwall the perfect place for great British seafood?

“We’re so lucky to have the richest and most varied fish and shellfish stocks in the UK, if not the world, right here on our doorstep. The inshore day-boat fleet use their expertise to land us the finest, most sustainably caught fish that our abundant waters offer.”


What do you think sets you apart from your competitors?

“We are essentially a day-boat specialist based in the heart of Cornwall. We get up at the crack of dawn each weekday to source the very finest fish, straight from the sea to our chefs within 48 hours. The key ingredient, however, is time. Fish is only good if it is super fresh, so we aim to get it to our customers as quickly as possible, but with no shortcuts!”


How do you go about being sustainable, one of the key points in your ethos?

“We take sustainability very seriously, otherwise our children and their children will not enjoy the fruits of the sea, as we do. We work very closely with the ‘Cornwall Good Seafood Guide’ who operate as a non-profit trust, monitoring stock and training organisations and the public into picking sustainable choices for their table.”


How did you start working with Brown’s Hotel?

“We are very lucky to have a great working relationship with Adam Byatt, having supplied him for nearly 10 years. Adam only wants the best. We were delighted when he asked us to supply Brown’s Hotel.”


How far does your fish have to travel from where it’s caught to reach Brown’s?

“Once the fish is purchased from the local market via an online auction, we carefully collect and bring the fish back to Flying Fish HQ. From here, we lovingly prepare and pack to our customers exact specifications. It’s then dispatched on our own refrigerated vans straight to your fridge, that very evening.”


Have you eaten your company’s own produce at Brown’s?

“Unfortunately, I haven’t yet eaten at Brown’s Hotel, but would very much love to.”


Where is your favourite place in the UK to dine for seafood?

“I have fond memories as a boy, fishing with my father on the rugged coastline of Cornwall. We would catch mackerel, take it home that morning and eat them for breakfast. I don’t think there’s anything better.”


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