Useful Information

At Assila Hotel

Assila Hotel Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Street (Tahlia Street), Jeddah , Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Check-In and Check-Out
The check-in time is 3.00pm. On the day of departure rooms are to be vacated by 1.00pm. Should you wish to occupy the room after this time, a daily rate may apply.

Jeddah enjoys a warm climate with light-to moderate North West winds throughout the year. Summers are humid and temperatures can reach the early 40°Cs, whilst winter, spring and autumn bring Southern winds accompanied by heavy rains and thunderstorms. May is the most popular time for divers.

The currency is SAR. You can exchange main foreign currencies into SAR at the hotel’s reception desk.

Dress Code
Saudi Arabians have a modest dress code. Female visitors must wear an Abaya and head scarf in public.

Please contact the concierge desk for transfer arrangements.

Visa Requirements
A visa is required for entering the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Citizens of some countries can obtain a visa upon arrival at the airport; others will require visa entry before departure. For the latest visa requirement information, please contact your local KSA embassy or preferred airline.