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About At Hotel de Rome


Sip Champagne on our glamorous Rooftop Terrace, watching as the Berlin city lights blink on and the sky fades from blue to pink. Order another round, perhaps a signature De Rome cocktail inspired by the view? The “Touch the Sky” is sublime; a light yet fragrant blend of Belsazar Rosé Vermouth, fresh strawberries and yet more Champagne.

Bordered by softly swaying lavender and bamboo, the Terrace looks out over historic Bebelplatz, taking in the grand verdigris dome of St. Hedwig’s Cathedral, the colonnaded splendour of the Opera House, and the panoramic sweep of the Berlin skyline beyond.

As the night wears on, take a seat on the stylish Dedon furniture and peruse the a la carte menu. Offering a tempting selection from opulent seafood platters to refreshing salads, satisfying sandwiches served with sweet potato fries, and all manner of desserts, there’s no telling where a night spent on the Rooftop Terrace will take you. Grill sessions on Wednesdays (Meat) and Fridays (Seafood) complement the perfect summer experience.