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Refreshing Summer Rain

A balancing and refreshing treatment with purely organic ingredients give your skin an extra boost of freshness thanks to the desert lily Aloe Vera, for sensitive, irritated and dehydrated skin

30 Minutes/45 Minutes € 65/€ 90

Royal Express

This efficient four-layer lift by Image Skincare stimulates cell regeneration and the skin’s metabolism, visibly firms the skin’s texture and helps restore your youthful appearance within a few minutes. This treatment really “gets under your skin

• For demanding or tired skin, for rosacea, dehydrated and smokers’ skin

30 Minutes/45 Minutes € 65/€ 90

The Passionfruit Miracle

This fruity experience enhances your skin’s ability to maintain moisturized and balanced with peptides. It supports the long-lasting, visible beauty and health of your skin.

• For sensitive, unbalanced and dry skin, also for pregnant woman, smokers, cancer patients and travellers

60 Minutes € 120

Fountain of Youth with instantly, visible Results

Like sparkling champagne, the herbal stem cells gently remove dead skin cells from the epidermis. They stimulate the skin’s metabolism with a deep-penetrating effect and diminish fine lines and other signs of skin ageing with an instantly visible result.

• For demanding, tired, ageing and dehydrated skin, or as a quick refreshment

60 Minutes € 120

Vitamin C Cocktail

This facial treatment helps to balance the hydrolipid layer of the skin. It strengthens the

skin’s immune system and helps to lighten hyperpigmentations.

• For pigment disorders, tired and dehydrated skin, smokers’ skin, after aesthetic procedures, for rosaces skin types and during pregnancy

60 Minutes € 120

Top Rose Crystal Lymphatic facial

This indulgent treatment results in a re-energized, glowing skin.

90 Minutes € 165

Top Enzime Peeling Vitamin C & Papaya Facial

Restore your skin to its natural perfection with our latest facial enzyme peeling which regenerates your skin and makes it glow. It targets age marks, pigmentation and uneven skin complexion focusing on the face, neck and décolleté.

60 Minutes € 120

Classic Manicure

Luxury manicure including nail polish. Indulge your hands in a soothing, hydrating treatment. After a pleasant hand bath to soften your cuticles, a vitalizing exfoliation and a relaxing hand massage, your hands will look like new

€ 75

Classic Pedicure

Pamper your feet - they deserve it! Get some rest and rejuvenate with a pleasant foot bath, a stimulating exfoliation and a soothing foot massage. We will make sure that you leave our Spa de Rome with the prettiest feet in town.

€ 65


Hehi Lani

The royal foot treatment In Hawaiian, hehi lani means “Gateway to Heaven”. The journey to bliss starts with a relaxing foot bath, followed by an Ala Lani salt scrub, a magically relaxing foot massage, finishing off with a wonderful Island Spray. After your royal feet have been pampered, you will go through life with new vigour.

50 Minutes € 98

Tropical Hawaiian Essence

This Hawaiian experience starts with a tropical full-body scrub containing organic Hawaiian noni, gotu kola, green papaya and kava kava. You will be treated to a Lomi style massage with tropical scents allowing your body, mind and soul to unwind. This treatment promotes cellular rejuvenation, improves circulation, reduces anxiety and stress, detoxifies and has a strong euphoric and calming effect on your body.

60 Minutes/90 Minutes € 130/€ 160

Lomi Lomi Nui

This massage is a relaxation ritual that results in great comfort and wellbeing. Your body, spirit and soul will be recharged with new energy, balance, vitality and harmony. The main characteristics of this massage are wide points of contact which range from soft to intensive strong massages.

60 Minutes/90 Minutes € 122/€ 153

Hot Stone Massage

The Hot Stone Massage is a traditional massage technique which originated in Hawaii. Hot stones dipped in oil will slowly glide over your body, giving rise to a sense of harmony and inner balance. The comforting heat of the stones is both relaxing and calming.

90 Minutes € 150

Traditional Abhyanga Treatment

The application of Ayurvedic oils especially chosen for your type is a combination of long, rhythmic strokes and a stimulation of your energy points. This luxury treatment will help you relax, detoxify and let go. Feel the stimulation and revitalization of energy in your body, mind and soul.

60 Minutes/ 90 Minutes € 260/€ 320

DETOX Deep Cleansing Seaweed Treatment

Designed to detox the skin and body, this head-to-toe treatment is based on Eucalyptus-Lemon oil and seaweed, resulting in smooth skin and a re-energized body.

90 Minutes € 165

ANTI-AGEING Rose Renewal Body Ritual

This luxurious anti-ageing body ritual starts with a regenerating Cleopatra body scrub (infused with ylang- ylang oil, crushed rose petals, salt and honey), followed by a full-body rose mask. It nourishes the body, leaving the skin revitalized.

90 Minutes € 185

DEEP Cleansing Peeling

This treatment is a combination of a mountain- and ocean salt with warm essential oils being applied through a soft back massage. The peeling will make your skin as soft as velvet and stimulate the blood circulation. Like this, your skin will be especially receptible for a nourishing body lotion.

30 Minutes € 60

Something Special


Find relaxation in our lovely decorated couple-treatment-room with the help of a pleasant foot bath and our aroma oil therapy massage which will revitalize your senses. During the treatment we will serve fresh chocolate dipped strawberries and exquisite home-made pastries.

60 Minutes € 280

Shiatsu / Acupressure Massage

Shiatsu massage is an ancient Japanese art of healing the body by applying pressure on the „meridians” (meridians are channels of energy that run through the body). By returning the flow of energy to the body, you will regain inner balance and harmony and at the same time release deeply-ingrained tension and stress. (This massage is carried out in a traditional manner, fully dressed, on a mat on the floor.)

60 Minutes/90 Minutes € 123/€ 155

Russian Honey Massage

This ancient and traditional massage stimulates the blood circulation of your back with relaxing and energizing effects. A benefit for the whole organism.

50 Minutes € 98

Thai Massage

Stretch, relax and soothe your soul as you regain the natural flow of energy in your body. While lying on a mat fully dressed, you will stretch your body into the perfect position, allowing for optimal relaxation. This ancient massage method combines yoga-like stretching exercises, acupressure and gentle rocking of the body.

60 Minutes/90 Minutes € 123/€ 158

Traditional Balinese Massage

Enjoy a mix of flowing effleurage, smoothly stretching techniques and so-called “thumb slides”. Traditionally, this massage is carried out with coconut oil which has a relaxing and revitalizing effect.

60 Minutes/90 Minutes € 123/€ 158

Lotus Massage

Lotus is the symbol of pure beauty and purity. The Lotus massage is an innovative therapy for the full body which has a cleansing and detoxifying effect. Strong muscle tensions will be released, the blood circulation will be activated and the immune system will be strengthened. The lotus oil will be soaked up by your skin and delay the ageing process.

90 Minutes € 158

Best Rate Guarantee

Best Rate Guarantee

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