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The Best of Europe - Summer Experiences in Rome

It’s not hard to see why Hotel de Russie was dubbed “paradise on earth” by French poet Jean Cocteau in 1917. Experience it yourself this summer when you stay between Piazza del Popolo and the Spanish steps, within striking distance of the Colosseum and other historical and cultural landmarks. From this centrepiece of the Eternal City, you can also enjoy plenty of adventures, from a full-time visit to the Pope’s estate and organic farm to riding a bicycle or horse along the Appian Way. We have a raft of curated experiences for our guests that you won’t want to miss out on.



Retreat for an exclusive experience of Roman gastronomy during a full-day visit to the Pope’s estate and organic farm. Guests are chauffeured to La Fattoria delle Ville Pontificie, where you’ll explore an impressive dairy and vegetable gardens, and meet free-roaming animals including donkeys, ostriches and cows. Enjoy a guided tasting of the finest olive oil, wine and cheese produced on-site, which are delivered daily to the Papal Villas of the Vatican. On the farm, hone your culinary skills with a masterclass where you’ll learn to make fresh pasta and whip up a local dessert using handpicked ingredients. After a delicious lunch, enjoy a tour of the Papal Palace at picturesque Castel Gandolfo before returning to Rome.

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One of the first roads to be built by the Ancient Romans, the Appian Way runs from Rome to Campania taking you on a wonderful route which ends in Southern Italy.


Join the route just outside Rome for a 3-hour bike tour, weaving through the region’s rich landscape and picturesque views. Explore ancient Roman sites such as Villa dei Quintili, sepulchres from different eras and mounds said to be those of the Orazi e Curiazi.


For a slower-paced alternative, explore one of the oldest and most important roads of the Roman Empire by horseback, taking in archaeological locations from villas to aqueducts and stunning natural sights. With itineraries and tours to suit all tastes and skill levels, both new and experienced riders will love being in the saddle.

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The staggering splendour of Palazzo Colonna, one of Rome’s oldest private palaces, has to be seen to be believed, and what better way to see it than on your own exclusive private tour. The buzz of the city and summer heat soon melt away as you explore its sumptuously decorated rooms, all gleaming marble and mirrors, and discover exquisite paintings, sculptures and precious furnishings en route to the dazzling Great Hall. To see one of Rome's most exquisite palaces in the luxury of your own space and time is a truly unforgettable experience.

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Travel through time to the Colosseum – the world-renowned symbol of Italy’s capital and greatest example of the Romans’ extraordinary acumen. This giant amphitheatre is an extraordinary architectural feat which looks all the more striking in the summer sun. Here, impressive displays of wealth, whims and the cruelty of the Emperors were cleverly coordinated to gain the people’s favour. Equally impressive are the surrounding 78 hectares, home to the Roman Forum, the Circus Maximus and the Domus Aurea. The vast Arch of Constantine was also built here to celebrate the Emperor’s victory over Maxentius.

Guests might want to book an ‘Insta-tour of Rome’ experience to shoot the famous Roman amphitheatre among other iconic landmarks with the help of a professional photographer who has collaborated with some of Instagram’s most influential snappers.

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