Travel Information: Covid19 Notice

A Warm Welcome
From the General Manager of Masseria Torre Maizza

To our dear guests,

I am so pleased to see the doors of Masseria Torre Maizza finally open again to welcome you back. Sharing your enthusiasm for Puglia is what makes me so passionate about my job.

My family was originally from Puglia, but I’ve spent many years working in various parts of Italy and around the world. Coming back has been one of the best gifts I could have asked for, it feels like I’m falling in love again with my first love.

We are taking great care to create a safe and harmonious atmosphere here at our Masseria. The great outdoors has become a priority for everyone. This year in particular, we feel lucky to be immersed in the beautiful Italian countryside, surrounded by long walks, cycle routes and most importantly fresh air.

In the daytime you can take part in alfresco lessons in the art of Apulian cuisine, enjoy outdoor spa treatments on your private patios, or spend a leisurely day by our newly renovated pool, while in the evening we have worked on a series of activities including live music and art against the backdrop of our whitewashed walls and ancient olive trees.

Come and see for yourself. You will find that our gardener Todi has planted the finest aromatic plants, fruits and vegetables which are blooming in an array of vivid colours. I also personally check the health of our centuries-old olive trees and meet up every month with the Regione Puglia to check that they are well taken care of. Meanwhile, our sommelier, Rossana, is here to guide you through onsite wine tastings, sharing the secrets of our region’s local grapes, as well as our famous olive oil and why we call it the ‘green gold’ of Puglia.

When you feel ready for an escape, make Puglia your new home.

In the meantime, do make sure you join our Rocco Forte Friends programme to stay connected and enjoy exclusive benefits when you’re ready to travel again.

Together we aim to create something unforgettable.

My best wishes,

Franco Girasoli