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Rocco Forte Rituals


During your foot soak you’ll receive a hand massage. Following this, enjoy a relaxing back massage with one of our special oils. We’ll then pass on to your facial, before enjoying a foot or head massage to finish.

70 Minutes – €150


During your foot soak, you’ll receive a hand massage. Following this, expect an apricot back scrub to smooth your back. You’ll then receive a back massage to melt away any lasting aches and pains. We’ll then finish with a herbal self-heating compress cream to completely relax your muscles.

50 Minutes – €120


Following the foot soak, enjoy a full-body apricot scrub to leave you feeling silky smooth from head-to-toe. We’ll then apply one of our rich herbal compress creams all over the body, feeding it with the nutrients that it deserves. The ritual ends with a full-body massage, leaving you feeling completely rejuvenated.

60 Minutes – €140
90 Minutes – €185


Following the foot soak together, you’ll both enjoy a full-body scrub to smooth your skin. One of our rich herbal compress creams will then be applied to nourish your bodies. The ritual ends with a full-body massage, giving you both a feeling of complete relaxation.

60 Minutes – €260
90 Minutes – €340


This indulgent ritual includes everything in the Body Couple’s Ritual, as well as a facial, to leave you both feeling in a state of complete harmony.

90 Minutes – €360

Forte Organics Facial Treatments

Organic Facial

Enjoy a personalised facial just for your skin by Forte Organics. With this organic treatment, your skin will regain freshness and vitality.

Includes: cleansing, aroma steam, scrub, removal of impurities, eyebrow correction, serum, facial, neck and décolletage massage, mask and final care

45 Minutes – €90 (without removal of impurities and eyebrow correction)
60 Minutes – €115



This highly effective deluxe cellular therapy firms facial contours, as well as intensely revitalises the skin’s functions.

Includes: cleansing, dual action scrub, removal of impurities, eyebrow correction, mask, hand massage, cellular serum, eye and lip care, face and décolletage massage with cell material, effect mask or ultrasound treatment, neck and head massage, final care for face, neck and décolletage

105 Minutes – €225

Swiss revitalising anti-age cell facial

A treatment using actively stabilised bio-integral cells to read the physiological age and hormonal identity of the skin, perfect for every skin type and age. Leaves face regenerated and renews cells.

Includes: cleansing, dual action scrub, eyebrow correction, activator gel, vial (depending on skin type), face massage, mask and final care

90 Minutes – €180

Swiss radiance revealer treatment

This facial instantly soothes the skin, giving it a radiant and youthful glow.

Includes: cleansing, dual action scrub, eyebrow correction, activator gel, vial (depending on skin type), face massage, mask and final care

60 Minutes – €150

Swiss Ultrasonic revival

With the use of ultrasound, the cellular substances deeply penetrate the skin. Helps firm the skin and strengthen tissue, as well as reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Includes: cleansing, dual action scrub, removal of impurities, eyebrow correction, activator gel, vial (depending on skin type), facial massage, ultrasound treatment, mask and final care

60 Minutes – €150


Body scrub

The ideal supplement to a massage – dead skin cells and impurities are gently removed with a full-body scrub. Leaves skin soft and smooth.

30 Minutes – €70

Detox body

This body treatment stimulates the lymphatic system, detoxifying the body. Begin with an apricot scrub, followed by a cleansing mud and sea algae wrap. Finish with a full-body massage.

90 Minutes – €200

Intense slimming

This treatment stimulates the skin’s metabolism and targets cellulite and water retention. Leaves you with smoother skin, a slimmer figure and a feeling of lightness.

60 Minutes – €150

Thermo-active Lavender compress

The ideal treatment added to a massage, using our thermo-active lavender compress cream. The self-heating compress cream stimulates circulation and relieves muscle tension – ideal for when you do a lot of sport.

20 Minutes – €40



This individually designed massage provides deep relaxation, inner balance and natural energy.

60 Minutes – €125
90 Minutes – €175


This strong massage is specifically aimed at deep-rooted tension, designed to melt away muscle aches and mobilise the joints.

60 Minutes – €125
90 Minutes – €175


A calming yet energising scalp massage focusing on vital energy points. This treatment helps to reduce tension, increase circulation and put mind and body in balance. Can also help

relieve migraines.

30 Minutes – €70
60 Minutes – €115


This relaxing and invigorating massage stimulates the pressure points on the feet, connected with the entire organism.

30 Minutes – €70
60 Minutes – €115


This treatment starts with a relaxing foot bath. The combination of Oriental and Western massage techniques with warm aroma oil creates a feeling of wellbeing.

75 Minutes – €155
90 Minutes – €185


Your entire lymphatic system is stimulated to work more efficiently. Helps remove build up of tissue fluid and toxic substances.

60 Minutes – €115
90 Minutes – €165

Hot stone massage

This massage is rhythmic, dynamic and invigorating, whilst also having a relaxing effect on the meridian system.

60 Minutes – €140
90 Minutes – €185

Traditional Abhyanga Massage

This soft Indian full-body treatment with warm and individual ayurvedic oils detoxifies, relieves tension in the whole body and harmonises the senses.

60 Minutes – €140
90 Minutes – €185

Lomi Lomi Massage

With this Hawaiian temple massage, the body is loosened by soft pressure, long stroking movements and stretching.

60 Minutes – €140
90 Minutes – €185

Balinese Massage

This massage is an intensive tissue massage with medium to hard pressure. Helps remove muscle tension to actively support and harmonise energy flow.

60 Minutes – €140
90 Minutes – €185

Tropical Hawaiian Treatment

This treatment includes a tropical full-body scrub, followed by a Lomi Lomi massage. Leaves you with silky smooth skin, as well as having a relaxing, detoxifying and euphoric effect.

90 Minutes – €185

Traditional Thai Massage

This massage combines yoga exercises, pressure points similar to those used in acupressure and gentle body cradling. Stretch, relax and soothe your soul as you regain the natural flow of energy in your body. Lying fully clothed on a mat, this ancient method stretches your body into the perfect position allowing for optimal relaxation.

60 Minutes – €140
90 Minutes – €185

Thai Oil Massage

This massage is a gentle form of Thai Massage. The body is gently stretched and loosened with warm almond oil.

60 Minutes – €140
90 Minutes – €185

Spa for Couples

Romantic Aromatherapy Experience for two

Relax together in our romantically decorated couple’s room with a relaxing foot bath and an Aromatherapy Massage. After the treatment, enjoy two glasses of Champagne and strawberries dipped in chocolate.

75 Minutes – €295

Romantic Caviar Treatment for two

Relax together in our romantically decorated couple’s room with a relaxing foot bath and an Aromatherapy Massage. After the treatment, enjoy a bottle of Ruinart Brut Blanc de Blancs Champagne and 50g Osietra Caviar in the relaxation area or in the comfort of your room.

75 Minutes – €650


Classic Manicure

After soaking the cuticles and a relaxing massage, we’ll file and polish your nails.

40 Minutes – €50

Luxury Manicure

Enjoy this soothing and hydrating hand treatment to leave your hands feeling extra special. After a soak to soften your cuticles, an exfoliating treatment, a paraffin wrap and a relaxing massage, we’ll file and polish your nails to give them a beautiful new look.

60 Minutes – €80

Classic Pedicure

Enjoy our classic pedicure involving foot and nail care, callus removal, filing and polish. We’ll also provide you with nail polish to take away.

30 Minutes – €75

Luxury Pedicure

Pamper your feet with an invigorating and smoothing foot bath, followed by a foot scrub. After nail and callus care, we’ll pamper your feet with a revitalising foot massage and mask. To finish, we’ll file and polish your nails.

60 Minutes – €90


Gone are the times you have to wait for polish to dry. Thanks to completely new technology, the gel polish dries in just 30 seconds, stays on for up to two weeks and can be removed easily and quickly. Choose from an array of colours. Includes Classic Manicure or Pedicure.

60 Minutes with manicure – €85
60 Minutes with pedicure – €95

Beaubronz spray tan

Maintain a healthy-looking tan all year round or prepare for any last minute events and nights out with our natural and organic BeauBronz treatment. Includes a three step spray tan treatment that exfoliates, tans and moisturises

the skin for a natural glow.

15 Minutes (face, neck and décolletage) – €35
30 Minutes (full-body) – €65


Body – €45
Face – €20

Eyelash Tinting

Available with any facial


Eyebrow Tinting

Available with any facial


Eyebrow correction

Available with any facial


Pregnancy Treatments

Mom’s Double Treatment

The facial treatment is particularly tailored for pregnant women or mothers who are breastfeeding. An individual massage with Anti Stretch Marks & Massage Shea Butter helps to prevent or reduce stretch marks and to restore the balance of the body.

90 Minutes - €185



Special treatments designed for our little bon vivants (4 - 12 years)


Hand or foot massage, a gentle scrub and nail care treatment. Finished with a glitter nail polish of your choice.

25 minutes - €45
Add nail art design, with gems or stickers.
€5 per 3 pieces


Mum's favorite treatments, adapted for little princesses: a facial mask, mini-manicure and make-up.

60 minutes - €115


A smooth back massage with a warm, fruity aroma for a dreamy tropical experience.

30 minutes - €70


For school-stressed teens (12 - 16 years)


Hands and feet are refreshed with nail and cuticle care, massage and nail polish of your choice.

60 minutes - €100


A massage with a deeply-relaxing oils or gel to help relieve backs tired from carrying school bags and wrists tense from frequent smartphone and tablet use.

45 minutes - €95


This treatment is designed especially for young skin. Deep cleasning, steaming, antiseptic care, and targeted treatment of hormone-related skin impurities will result in healthy, radiant skin.

60 minutes - €115
Add a makeover with light makeup.
75 minutes - €140


Fitness, Yoga or Pilates. Effective exercises for problem areas. Our professional trainers can also design an individual exercise plan for teens who are particularly interested in physical fitness.

30 minutes - €75
60 minutes - €125

Vela Shape III

Treat yourself to a smoother, sexier figure. VelaShape is a non-invasive body contouring treatment for circumferential & cellulite reduction, which provides visible results already after the first treatment session.

Simple Mode

per bodyzone (approx. 15 minutes) €85

from the 3rd bodyzone €65

Deep Mode

per bodyzone (approx. 30 minutes) €170

from the 3rd bodyzone €145

The indicated times are pure treatment times, these can be extended depending on advice.


5 treatments, 1 bodyzone each €405

5 treatments, 2 bodyzones each €765

10 treatments, 1 bodyzone each €765

10 treatments, 2 bodyzones each €1445