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Golf: Performance Institute

Whether aspiring amateurs or seasoned professionals, golfers of all abilities can now take advantage of cutting-edge technology at Verdura Resort, usually only available to Tour players looking to analyse and improve their game. The first golf venue in Italy to install these expert tools, which include Trackman and SAM PuttLab, the resort has exceeded even its previous dedication to the sport and its players.

Our team of professional coaches are all expertly trained to use this technology, and will guide each individual through a series of detailed screenings and analyses to precisely pinpoint areas that require improvement. Together with players, they’ll then craft bespoke solutions ranging from shoe fitting advice to fitness and physiotherapy sessions and technique adjustment to ensure short and long-term improvement.

The simplest, most accurate 3D swing and ball flight analysis tool available, Trackman’s doppler radar can measure any shot accurate to less than 1 foot at 100 yards. Using data derived from the collision of club and ball, it calculates an explanation for the ball’s trajectory in any shot, be it a 6-foot pitch or a 400-yard drive.

Our coaches will use Trackman to fit clubs as well as analyse swing, impact and trajectory, to ensure we can recommend the ideal equipment as well as optimise players’ launch angles, swing speed, smash factor and spin rate.

Trackman offers another benefit: this state-of-the-art simulation technology renders golf a year-round sport, meaning players can enjoy our 9- or 18-hole courses indoors, whatever the weather

€125 per hour 


Sam Puttlab
This detailed analytics technology will revolutionize players’ putting strokes and improve their ability to place the ball on line and control distance when rolling.

€125 per hour


ETPI analysis & 3D Balance Force Plates

Knowledge is power.

Our ETPI preview analysis helps you understand the real reasons behind your incomplete golf game. Using our high-tech Performance Studio, our qualified Team will perform both a physiological and biomechanical analysis to determine your individual swing signature, showing you what areas are holding you back and clarify what needs to be done to improve.

 aG Balance Pro is the world’s leading golf balance and weight measurement system. Using patented platforms that are concealed under the playing surface, the technology independently measures the weight and movement of the centre of pressure of each foot in real time as it moves during the swing without influencing the golfer’s environment. With the help of this technology you will be able understand and improve these normally hidden inner workings of your golf swing, ground up!

€125 per hour