Thursday 30th May 2019
12.30pm - 3.00pm

Unusual beers and hearty barbecued food: there’s no better way of spending this special day with your father. Stylish, but cut back to what matters the most. No pretentiousness.

Pure meaty delights from the barbecue and true craft beer artistry in master brewer style. And all of that in the relaxed Mediterranean atmosphere of our Villa Garden - what more could a man’s heart want on Father’s Day? There are of course, as per usual at the Villa Kennedy, one or two surprises in store. Our restaurant and kitchen team can hardly wait.

To share on the table:
Homemade Style Salad Bowls I Dressings: Green Sauce, Balsamico & Francoforte I Croûtons & Toppings

Rustic appetizer platter I Homemade - pickled Giardina vegetables I Grilled bread with tomatoes

From the live BBQ station:
Mixed meat platter or a selection of: Pulled Pork I Beef Brisket I BBQ Chicken I Salsiccia I Trout al Cartoccio

Side dishes:
Cabbage salad I Three kinds of tomato carpaccio I Baked garlic bulb I Ecrassé with lemon & mint

€89 per Person

For reservations and further information please call +49 69 717 121 205 
or email gusto.villakennedy@roccofortehotels.com