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01 December 2013

Press Release


Rocco Forte’s The Balmoral is launching a selection of whisky tastings giving guests the opportunity to sample a range of fine Scottish Whiskies in the presence of a knowledgeable whisky ambassador.

From February 2014, guests will be able to discover Scotland’s national spirit from the comfort of the hotel’s newly-opened signature whisky bar, SCOTCH. The bar’s dedicated Whisky Ambassadors have carefully curated four ‘Whisky Journeys’ around the themes of region, finish, age and rarity.  Each journey includes four or five drams and has been designed to appeal to all those with an appreciation of Scotland’s most famous spirit from whisky novices through to experienced whisky connoisseurs.

Guests will be guided through their Whisky Journey by one of SCOTCH’s knowledgeable Whisky Ambassadors who will provide a wealth of information on the taste and heritage of each dram.  A selection of delicious bar bites such as smoked almonds, wild boar salami, dark Swiss chocolate and Scottish blue cheese will be served during the tasting, chosen to bring out the flavours in the whisky. A variety of Uisge Source waters will also be served. The paired waters, sourced from each main whisky region complement the whisky and offer guests the opportunity to ‘open up’ their dram and fully appreciate the complex aromas and flavours of the whisky.

The journeys are designed to be a voyage of discovery, enjoyed at the guest’s leisure in the comfort of the stylish Olga-Polizzi designed bar, featuring a display of over 400 bottles of Scottish whisky.

Whisky journeys at SCOTCH range from £35 per person to £105 per person and must be booked in advance.  SCOTCH’s whisky journeys are also available for groups, with exclusive use of the bar and a dedicated Whisky Ambassador included for groups of 15 to 25 people.

SCOTCH is open Monday to Sunday from 12pm to 1am. For further information or to make a reservation call 0131 524 7142 or email







5 whiskies - £45 per person

One dram from each of the main whisky regions:

Speyside, Islay, The Highlands, The Lowlands and Campbeltown.



4 whiskies - £35 per person

Each whisky is finished in a different style of cask

offering a taste of the different maturation processes.  



4 whiskies - £65 per person

Each whisky offers a taste from 4 different decades –

70s, 80s, 90s & 00s.  


Ultra Rare

4 whiskies - £105 and up per person

Each dram served will be considered rare

e.g. a limited release, from a closed distillery or a rare bottling