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One of the most esteemed chefs of the last three decades, Rocco Forte Hotels’ Director of Food, Fulvio Pierangelini, is internationally renowned for his fresh, authentic, Italian cuisine. His philosophy is simple: outstanding food depends upon excellent ingredients—and of these, the finest virgin olive oil is essential. Meet the maestro himself in the atmospheric olive groves of Masseria Torre Maizza and together, embark upon an immersive journey through the harvesting and production of Italy’s most crucial culinary treasure. 

A welcome aperitivo awaits at Masseria Torre Maizza, where you’ll relax for three nights and enjoy a delectable buffet breakfast each morning on the scenic terrace at Carosello. Once you’ve settled in, you’ll be introduced to Fulvio himself, who will lead you through the timeless autumnal tradition of olive harvesting in the ancient groves. Beneath the dappled shade of the historic trees, you’re invited to join the harvest as Fulvio explains the annual ritual’s techniques and significance. The traditional Puglian picnic that follows is an opportunity to sample the freshly-pressed oil along with Fulvio’s favourite seasonal delicacies. You’ll then be guided to a nearby oil mill, where Fulvio will demonstrate the traditional processes of oil extraction, right through to the finished product. 

On the second day, you’ll get to witness the Chef in action with an exclusive cooking class. It’s a rare opportunity to discover closely guarded local recipes passed down through generations, as well as witness first-hand the importance of the precious oil in authentic Italian cuisine.

Package includes:

  • A welcome aperitivo with local drinks and produce
  • 3-night stay at Masseria Torre Maizza
  • A daily buffet breakfast at Carosello restaurant
  • A cooking class at Masseria Torre Maizza with Chef Fulvio Pierangelini
  • An olive-harvesting session with Fulvio Pierangelini, inclusive of a traditional picnic
  • A visit to a local oil mill, including fresh seasonal food tasting
From €784