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Little Raphael


Fresco painting class centered on the great master

Let your children express their colorful originality and become part of history by helping them to create a fresco painting.

The word fresco comes from the Latin word for “fresh”. It simply means painting on fresh plaster. The oldest specimens date back to 1600 B.C. in Greece, but among the most famous masterpieces we can number Raphael’s works in the Vatican Museums and Villa Farnesina. This hands-on art class will teach kids the techniques used by Raphael to realize their own masterpiece following the example of the great master.

It takes just a couple of hours and when the painting dries, your child can boast holding a painting which be preserved in plaster for years to come.

DURATION & RATES: 2 hours – €300 for three people, €350 for four people, €400 for five people