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Irene Forte Skincare

Irene Forte Skincare

Irene Forte Skincare is recognised as the ‘New Natural’. Wanting to offer natural skincare made better by the guidance of science, Irene has worked closely with renowned Doctor Francesca Ferri of Effegilab and her team of cosmetic scientists in Trento, Italy. Irene Forte Skincare distils the benefits of the Mediterranean diet into effective but gentle skincare that nourishes the skin from the outside in.

Over 75 active ingredients have been chosen to work in harmony with one another, and also to complement the body’s natural biochemistry. The concentration and combination of ingredients in each product have been scientifically calculated to deliver the most effective benefits whilst avoiding harmful side effects. Science guides Irene Forte Skincare to strictly limit the use of 'essential oils' because they contain potentially irritating allergens; all fragrances used are allergen-screened. All products have also been tested in laboratory and clinical trials, all ingredients are certified vegan and Irene Forte Skincare is accredited by Positive Luxury for sustainable excellence.