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01 апреля 2015



Florence, 1 April 2015 – “Irene” - the new Florentine bistro by Fulvio Pierangelini – opens its doors at Hotel Savoy, found on the beautiful Piazza della Repubblica of Florence 7. The experience is a journey through flavour and tradition with simple, authentic flavours and light and healthy reinventions of Tuscan classics.

The name “Irene” is a tribute to the Italian wife of Lord Charles Forte, mother of Sir Rocco Forte and Olga Polizzi. Irene was a very elegant woman, an accomplished cook and a perfect hostess. She was also the grandmother of Lydia and Irene Forte, Sir Rocco’s daughters, who take an active role in the business of Rocco Forte Hotels.

Irene is the place-to-be in Florence for both hotel guests and discerning locals. Designed by Olga Polizzi, Director of Design at Rocco Forte Hotels, Irene is inspired by a 50’s retro-chic bistro style, highlighted by vintage features and textures from the patterned upholstery to typical yellow paper table cloths. Impressive colourful, hanging lightshades decorate the high-ceilinged space overlooking the Piazza, giving Irene a touch of contemporary flair.

Irene is for passionate food lovers. It’s for those who like to savour healthy foods and choose from high-quality ingredients. The dishes created by Fulvio Pierangelini are inspired by the rich and traditional Tuscan cuisine made with local and seasonal raw ingredients. Their names, producers and provenance are listed on the menu to emphasise their Tuscan origins.

The bar is a wonderful place to taste authentic cocktails or drink the perfect Espresso. Irene is not a conventional restaurant but is a perfect spot to spend hours relaxing and enjoying delicious food in a dynamic and stimulating atmosphere.

The bistro’s artistic direction is entrusted to Felice Limosani. Curator of Irene, Felice is a well-known Florentine story teller and a designer of multimedia installations focusing on the story of the city of Florence and its vibrant soul.

“The bistro is a celebration of woman and the thousands of inextricable facets of the female universe”,  says Fulvio Pierangelini, the creator of Irene menu. “Irene is a bit insolent, free, contemporary, charming, bold, mischievous, irreverent and cheeky”. “The kitchen is a part of women’s history: men walked into this intimate world and although we have been successful, we are still intruders. Women are the masters of the gesture, the beauty of the gesture”, continues the chef.

“Lemon and parmesan stracciatella soup”, “Tagliolini with fava bean and fresh Tillo’s sheep cheese”, “Mediterranean fish crudo and small vegetables”, are only some of the delicacies you can taste at Irene. Lunch at Nonna’s(Grandmother’s) is a must on Sundays: whole roasted chicken to share, rosemary roasted potatoes, seasonal vegetables, zabaione and much more. Food is an experience to share together and Sunday is the perfect day to enjoy it with family and friends at Irene.

The team at Irene is a truly solid “brigata”. Firstly, Lydia Forte, the Restaurant & Bar Development Manager at Rocco Forte Hotels, who is in charge of managing the whole innovative food concept of Irene. Paul Feakes welcomes all of Irene's guests, with his charismatic charm and eclectic personality. In the kitchen, under the direction of Pierangelini’s is Giovanni Cosmai, the young Head Chef who chooses and cooks the freshest and most fragrant ingredients with care and respect offering the best to Irene's guests everyday.

Irene looks out to the city of Florence facing out to the vibrant Piazza della Repubblica, a place of historic moments and space for stories to be created, building on those of the times gone by.

We await your arrival! 

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