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26 мая 2017



On June2nd an exclusive four-hands dinner will launch the exclusive collaboration between 2 Michelin-starred Chefs Fulvio Pierangelini and Pietro Leemann.

Verdura Resort, the Rocco Forte Hotels property on the South West coast of Sicily, is delighted to announce a partnership with internationally renowned Michelin-starred chef Pietro Leemann. The critically acclaimed chef known for his organic, vegetarian haute cuisine has joined forces with Fulvio Pierangelini, Creative Director of Food for Rocco Forte Hotels, to create outstanding healthy dishes for the resort.

Alongside Fulvio Pierangelini, Chef Leemann has created an extensive vegetarian menu for the resort’s award winning spa. During a day spent relaxing at the spa, guests can enjoy one of the chef’s salads, main courses or deserts, guilt free. In addition to the Spa Bar, guests dining in all of the other five restaurants in the resort will be able to explore his enticing dishes.

The dishes created by the two culinary masters are based on the philosophy shared by both Chefs,“we are what we eat” and that the use of organic, local, seasonal ingredients is paramount. Leeman’s menus allow you to taste and understand the real nature of the food, as he respects the ingredients he uses. Through attention to detail and delivery of the food he protects their nutritional values, to create clever and delicious combinations of tastes that benefits the body.

At the Spa Bar, guests can expect daikon and courgette spaghetti with Sicilian olive mixture, pistachios, capers and green celery, lightly spicy chili pepper sauce and oregano or when dining at Zagara, guests could choose a faux caviar of purple aubergine and oregano, black aubergine baba ganoush with sesame and lemon juice, finishing with the chocolate and coconut raw terrine, roasted almond soft foam, with Sicilian mango sauce, mint and strawberry ice cream.. At Liola, guests can savour the Avocado and crudité pesto with mustard, Corleone tomato carpaccio, lemon balm and raspberry citronette or at Amare guests can enjoy the baked perlina aubergine and trombetta courgette with almond “béarnaise” sauce, carrots and tarragon.

Born in Switzerland, Chef Leemann, who defines himself as a “kitchen architect”. gained his culinary education in French and Italian traditional restaurants, with masters like Angelo Conti Rossini, Gualtiero Marchesi and Fredy Girardet. He found a passion for vegetarian cuisines, and moved to the Far East for 2 years to explore this way of cooking, before returning to Europe to create dishes using natural products and ingredients.

Since 1989 Leemann has owned “Joia, alta cucina naturale” in Milan, which became the first Michelin-starred European vegetarian restaurant in 1996 and the only Michelin-starred vegetarian restaurant in Italy. In addition, Leeman had the honour of being Chef Ambassador during the Expo Milan in 2015 which focused on sustainability.

To celebrate the beginning of this partnership, Pietro Leemann will be hosted by Fulvio Pierangelini at Verdura Resort for an exclusive four-hands dinner on Friday June 2nd in the elegant Zagara restaurant.

The menu is composed of 4 courses, with poetry-inspired titles; La sorgente della vita; chickpea hummus, wasabi cannellini green bean pâté, separately served little Sicilian caponata with rosehip sauce; Sogno di una notte di mezza estate; corn stuffed crepe filled with potatoes, green beans and wild fennel, pecorino cheese and peach chutney sauce; Anima Mundi; fava bean macco, salad and layered toasted bread with strawberries and Maghreb sauce; Pomod’oro; tomatoes, lightly canned and spicy cubed vegetables, rhubarb and seasonal fruit, passion fruit and basil sorbet.
Dinner cost: €145 per person, drinks not included. €175 per person, with wine pairing.
Guests staying at Verdura Resort during this weekend, will have the opportunity to attend an exclusive natural cuisine show cooking with Pietro Leemann.
For a minimum stay of four nights, prices starting from € 575 in double room.

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