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02 марта 2015



Verdura Resort in Sicily, a Rocco Forte Hotel, is pleased to announce the Jameson Retreat created by leading trainer and fitness expert Harry Jameson, in collaboration with Viavi of Harley Street, a renowned centre of international medical excellence. Set against a backdrop of the Sicilian landscape, this uniquely personalised retreat offers a highly targeted three stage programme combining training, treatments and nutrition, and sets a new standard for residential health retreats.

Pre-departure, an innovative and detailed lifestyle assessment is carried out by Viavi of Harley Street, followed by a seven night stay at Verdura Resort where the programme encourages and supports healthy living and regular, effective training. Upon return, guests will receive an individually designed five week-long programme of focussed personal training and aftercare, followed by a full re-assessment at Viavi. This thorough – and crucially, bespoke - approach will enable guests to maintain good habits, enabling sustainable, life-long change.

The pre-retreat assessment process at Viavi's clinic in London's Harley Street is an opportunity for comprehensive physiological testing of all guests. Each of the biometric tests is specifically designed to equip the Jameson team of trainers, nutritionists and physiologists, and Verdura’s team of therapists, sports pros and chefs, with the tools and knowledge required to construct guests’ individual programmes. Stress and sleep monitoring, body composition and spinal mapping, and food intolerance testing are all covered, providing a detailed full-body overview of health and wellbeing.

Daily personal training with Harry Jameson and his expert team will be tailored specifically to address each client’s personal challenges and requests. The group fitness sessions will be complemented by individual sessions, group yoga practice, and morning fasted cardio workouts. Guests will also have the option to attend two one-on-one sessions with the resort’s golf and tennis pros.

To enhance the effectiveness of their training programme, guests will receive several spa treatments during their stay, including deep tissue massages and detoxifying treatments. The spa at Verdura is set across 4,000 square metres of its own calm and pristine space complete with open-air thalassotherapy pools, indoor lap pool, 11 treatment rooms, nail bar and hair salon as well as a state-of-the art gym and Pilates and yoga studios.

Ensuring the Jameson Retreat is as holistic in its approach as possible, nutrition is also a key focus. Using the detailed results of the Viavi tests, guests’ meals during their stay at Verdura will be carefully prepared with each individual in mind. The nutritious menu will be designed to repair and refuel, using only the freshest and most natural ingredients.

A two hour cooking lesson for guests will also enable them to prepare delicious, healthy dishes to suit their specific dietary needs on their return home.

Following the 7 day stay at Verdura Resort, guests will remain in close contact with their assigned trainer as they are guided through the 5 week aftercare training package with a total of 10 personal training sessions at some of London’s top training facilities. A final full health assessment and consultation with the health experts at Viavi will map each guest’s progress and provide in-depth analysis data.

Prices for the Jameson Retreat at Verdura Resort start from £7500 and include: Full health assessment and consultation at Viavi, 7 day full board residential stay, 5 week aftercare personal training package, re-testing at Viavi and additional consultation.

Notes to Editor

About Harry Jameson
With over 10 years of experience, Harry is a strong believer that training the mind as well as the body is the key to maximising results. His depth of assessment, professionalism and sophisticated technique provides the necessary motivation for clients to achieve their goals. Providing an intense level of one-on-one training and fitness development, Harry's approach to fitness is specific to the needs of the client. As a personal trainer for Quintessentially; a global private members luxury lifestyle company, Harry takes care of many of their Elite members both in London and internationally. Additionally, his long-standing working relationship with leading Harley Street clinic Viavi is unique within the sports and training industry. Due to the nature of his clientele Harry is very familiar with the expectations of the high end client and adheres strictly to the highest standards of practice, professionalism and discretion.

About Viavi
Viavi is a leading health management service that challenges the way we understand and manage our health. Traditionally, health professionals and health assessment providers take a very linear approach to health management and diagnosis – seeking out a straight line link between symptom and cause. In reality, most of us are presented with multiple characteristics at any one time: leading to a general or specifically prioritised sense of un-wellness. Viavi uses root cause analysis, multiple trained medical opinions, access to world leading clinicians and a highly individualised understanding of patients’ work or lifestyle to define a route to manage their health forward, positively. It is possible to be in control of your health.