Rocco Forte Fitness


Rocco Forte Fitness is inspired by the Forte family’s commitment to sport. We have an innovative approach to fitness, with the most cutting-edge Technogym equipment and professional trainers to support you all the way.

Rocco Forte Fitness is not just limited to our gyms. In addition to the running maps available to guests, many of the hotels offer sightseeing running and cycling tours, combining the culture of the city with improving fitness. At Hotel de Rome, guests can take in views of Berlin, whilst enjoying Rooftop Yoga sessions on the hotel’s terrace. At Verdura Resort, there’s outdoor Sunset and Sunrise Yoga, as well as boot camps. Jogging, trekking and cycling trails meander through the resort’s olive, orange and lemon trees. Trekking routes are also available outside of the resort, allowing you to uncover Sicily’s rich culture.

Launched in September 2016, Rocco Forte Hotels has partnered with Italian luxury brand Back Label, to create an exclusive fitness collection with nourishing benefits for the skin from the finest organic raw materials, 100% handcrafted in Italy.#BeForte.

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