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The Rocco Forte Hotels Architecture Prize 2019 winner is chosen
We are delighted to announce the winner of our Rocco Forte Hotels Architecture Prize for 2019, selected by Rocco Forte Hotels’ Director of Design and a member of the Summer Exhibition Judges’ Panel, Olga Polizzi.
A sun-kissed paradise on Sicily's southern coast - @Verdura_Resort is our Mediterranean escape. #Sicily #Sicilia…
Gorgeously-rustic vineyards and fine wines combine with @RF_VillaKennedy's new tour, especially created for wine co…
Fulvio Pierangelini + fresh fish = happy guests at @Verdura_Resort 😍 #Sicily #Italy #RoccoForteHotels
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Irene Forte shares her summertime tips and insights
Wellness Director at Rocco Forte Hotels and founder of Irene Forte Skincare, Irene shares her insights on finding (and keeping) that summer glow during and after the holiday season.
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Artistic family fun: summer workshops at The Royal Academy
Children see things differently. Naturally creative with everything from mud to macaroni, they’re always finding new and surprising ways to express themselves. Devote time to creativity as a family this summer with the Royal Academy of Arts’ family programme. Entertaining, inspiring and educational, there’s plenty to enjoy, from interactive tours to hands-on artistic activities and a very special Lego competition.
Rocco Forte Hotels & Sotheby’s – an historic partnership
As British hoteliers with a commitment to preserving and promoting heritage, we’re delighted to announce a new partnership with Sotheby’s. Later this year, the Forte family will be supporting this prestigious auction house in bringing some of Britain’s finest treasures across the Atlantic for the first time.
European events worth travelling for this summer
Whatever your passion, you’ll find it in Europe this summer. From unforgettable art exhibitions to dramatic sporting competitions and family-friendly festivals, there’s an abundance of exceptional experiences to discover across our destinations.
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Match Point: the perfect summer Pimm's by Salvatore Calabrese
Since its creation by James Pimm in 1823, the colourful Pimm's cocktail has become a ubiquitous part of the British summer. Fresh and fruity, it's also de rigueur at popular summer events like the Wimbledon Tennis Championships, where the first Pimm's bar opened in 1971.
Maeve Doyle is the BBC London’s Arts’ Correspondent, she is the Artistic Director of the Maddox Gallery in Mayfair and runs Brown’s weekend art tours.
Swing back into the Sixties with Our Generation Cocktail Menu
Arguably London’s defining decade, the Swinging Sixties was a vibrant, technicolour time of hope, freedom and creativity. Ground-breaking movements were born and thrived. Icons emerged in the worlds of art, fashion, music and film. Mods revved Vespas, leggy models sauntered around Soho and exuberant house parties were held to the experimental sounds of a new kind of rock ‘n’ roll. There to immortalise the most significant faces and moments of the era was legendary photographer Terence Donovan, whose captivating portraits now grace the walls of our Donovan Bar.
A joint commitment to architecture and the environment: The Rocco Forte Hotels Architecture Prize
Reflected throughout our properties, Rocco Forte Hotels’ passion for art is one of the founding pillars of the brand. We’ve proven our commitment over the years, not least by supporting a number of events and exhibitions at the Royal Academy of Arts, including last year’s architectural display, Renzo Piano: The Art of Making Buildings.
New Adventures
From a British murder mystery in Mayfair to cutting-edge art in Berlin’s Mitte district, unlock unforgettable group experiences with Rocco Forte Hotels. Entertaining and informative, your clients will be talking about these adventures for years to come.
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Why wellness is the new watchword in travel
Throughout history, different cultures have had different interests in ‘wellness’. To some, it was the antithesis of illness and the warding off of disease. To others, it was the tenet that would help define their approach to life, from Hippocrates and the Ancient Greeks to the 5,000-year old tradition of Ayurveda.
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Brown’s classic Negroni cocktail
Celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2019, the Negroni is a characterful classic cocktail that’s famous for its bitter-sweet, bold flavour. The story goes that the cocktail was first created in Florence in the 1920s, when Count Negroni asked for his Americano to be made with gin instead of soda water.
The Donovan Bar’s Lavender Me mocktail
With its lightly floral flavour and pretty lilac hue, the Lavender Me mocktail is an undeniable celebration of spring. Created by Salvatore Calabrese for the Donovan Bar at Brown’s Hotel, who are as inventive with their non-alcoholic concoctions as they are with their signature serves, this delicious and delicate cocktail is the ideal seasonal drink.
Brown’s lemon and raspberry cupcakes
Light and fruity, these dainty and delicious lemon and raspberry cupcakes are the ideal centrepiece for a springtime Afternoon Tea. True connoisseurs of Afternoon Tea, Brown’s Hotel serves its award-winning menu in hotel’s wood panelled English Tea Room. Perfect for baking at home with little ones, recreate the magic of this iconic institution at home with this simple cupcake recipe.
Why Putting Children First Makes the Perfect Family Holiday
Oliver James, one of Britain’s leading experts on child psychology, has really understood the effect that travel has on children, and why it is so important to their development. Adults have long regarded holidays as not only a way to relax and get away from the stresses and strains of everyday life, but as a way to learn, build bonds and create life-long memories. Children are no different in this respect, but what stimulates them is distinctive from their parents.
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