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The Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh

SCOTCH Club: An Exclusive Invitation to your very own Personalised Whisky Keep

Join an elite international whisky club of just 35 members who share an in-depth love and knowledge of the finest whiskies in the world. Scotch Club is a sanctuary for those with the most discerning whisky palettes, providing access to premium expressions from The Macallan - an exquisite and distinctive single malt.

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“The Balmoral transcends time. It has seen everything"

Clocking in 120 Years as Balmoral

Even though The Balmoral’s famous tower clock runs three minutes fast, here we take a look back in time to explore how The Balmoral became an icon of Edinburgh.  This is a tale of a legendary grande dame of a hotel, a journey of 120 years culminating into what is today one of the world’s greatest hotels.