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Beauty Services

Mini-Manicure (file and polish)

25 Minutes – €40


40 Minutes – €50

French Manicure

45 Minutes – €60

Luxury Manicure

50 Minutes – €65

Mini-Pedicure (file and polish)

25 Minutes – €40


50 Minutes – €65

French Pedicure

55 Minutes – €75

Luxury Pedicure

60 Minutes – €85


From €50



Filled with Sicilian scents and natural remedies, this indulgent head-to-toe treatment will nurture, nourish and revitalise. Following a relaxing foot soak, our full-body olive leaf and Trapani sea salt body scrub will leave skin silky smooth. Verdura’s organic olive oil will then be brushed all over your body before you are wrapped up to let the oil’s nutrients deeply absorb into your skin. The ritual finishes with a full-body massage using Irene Forte Skincare’s Sicilian ingredients.

120 Minutes - €175


Following a relaxing foot soak, enjoy a full-body scrub to smooth your skin. An invigorating full-body massage follows using our Sicilian oils, as well as the application of our rich herbal body mask. This luxurious ritual nourishes the skin and ensures profound relaxation.

80 Minutes - €175



A luxurious and toning full-body treatment. Start with our Trapani Sea Salt Body Scrub to stimulate the detoxification process and leave skin silky smooth. Follow with our nutrient-rich algae and clay mud wrap to extract impurities and start the toning process. During the wrap, enjoy our Forte scalp massage using cold volcanic stones from Mount Etna. Finish with a toning massage using our nourishing Sicilian oils.

80 Minutes - €170


Refreshes skin and removes unwanted skin cells, leaving skin silky smooth. It is the perfect add-on to another treatment

40 Minutes - €95


A deeply nourishing full-body treatment. Start with a double scrub with our creamy Apricot Body Scrub and Trapani Sea Salt Body Scrub to remove impurities and leave your skin twice as smooth. Enjoy a full-body massage using our nourishing Sicilian oils, followed by the application of our White Wine Body Cream, leaving you relaxed and moisturised to perfection.

80 Minutes - €170


A luxurious and deeply revitalising full leg and foot treatment. Start with a sea salt leg scrub to remove impurities, followed by a draining massage to stimulate circulation, tighten and tone the legs. Enjoy the application of a vasoactive leg mask to enhance the detoxification process and improve the skin’s texture. Finish with a relaxing reflex point foot massage to boost circulation, restore balance and leaveyou with the ultimate feeling of lightness from hip-to-toe.

50 Minutes - €130


Oriental Scrub

Inspired by oriental beauty techniques to give the skin a radiant appearance, choose from any of the following scrubs:

– Aromatic Scrub with Spices and Boreh

– Thai ‘Purée de Papaye’ Scrub

– Sublime Polynesian Scrub

– ‘Savon Noir di Beldì’ Scrub

40 Minutes – €95


Fit for You

Using your chosen Irene Forte Skincare body oil, a personal consultation will ensure you receive a unique treatment to suit your specific needs.

50 Minutes - €140
80 Minutes - €210

Be Forte Sports Massage

A massage designed for sporty individuals who want to relieve muscular tension, using your chosen Irene Forte Skincare body oil.

50 Minutes - €140
80 Minutes - €210

Deep Tissue Massage

This treatment relieves tension with a deep massage of the body’s connective tissues.

50 Minutes – €120
80 Minutes – €180

Swedish Massage

A relaxing, deep pressure massage to relieve muscle tension.

50 Minutes – €110
80 Minutes – €165

Lymphatic Massage

The perfect complement to slimming and detoxifying programmes, this massage stimulates lymph circulation and removes toxins to improve the immune system.

50 Minutes – €110
80 Minutes – €165

Rebalancing Massage

A slow, deep massage to target the muscles, restore physical and emotional balance and improve posture.

50 Minutes – €130
80 Minutes – €195

Relaxing Massage

A massage designed to fight stress, alleviate tension and eliminate anxiety.

50 Minutes – €110
80 Minutes – €165

Aromatic Massage

A massage using curative aromatic oils and balms that creates a deep sense of wellbeing.

50 Minutes – €110
80 Minutes – €165

Traditional Thai Massage

This regenerating massage targets specific points of the body, with yoga movements to rebalance mind and body. Helps improve circulation and combat daily stress.

80 Minutes – €190

Hot Stone Massage

A deep, slow massage performed with hot lava stones.

50 Minutes – €120
80 Minutes – €180


A traditional Japanese massage where finger pressure is applied to specific points of the body to help restore energy balance and tone the muscles.

50 Minutes – €120


A non-contact treatment to help regenerate and restore the body’s energy balance – perfect for combating stress and anxiety.

50 Minutes – €120

Foot Reflexology

Deep pressure is applied to specific areas on the soles of the feet to unlock tension in corresponding parts of the body.

50 Minutes – €120

Cinq Mondes Massages

Ayurvedic Massage

This restorative massage, with warm cardamom and Indian vanilla oil, targets tension areas using techniques from a thousand-year-old Indian ritual to help maintain physical, spiritual and mental balance.

50 Minutes – €125

Balinese and Thai Massage

A massage based on traditional Thai and Balinese stretching techniques, using a rich coconut, kemiri and tamanu oil blend, to help relieve tension and relax the body. The treatment ends with a gentle neck stretch using warm aromatic towels.

50 Minutes – €125

Spa for Men

Cinq Mondes Purifying Back Treatment

Inspired by Balinese beauty techniques to give skin a radiant appearance, this purifying treatment also includes a neck massage for a complete sense of wellbeing.

50 Minutes – €130

Spa for Expecting Mothers

Lymphatic Massage

This soft massage stimulates lymph circulation and reduces water retention and swelling.

50 Minutes – €120


Ayurveda Garshan Dren

A treatment designed to fight imperfections caused by water retention and poor circulation, as well as to help fight edematous cellulite. Draining and detoxifying, this treatment favours the elimination of fluids and the removal of waste.

50 Minutes - €130

Ayurveda Garshan Slim

A treatment designed to shape the body, reduce fat and hard cellulite. A holistic shaping massage technique is combined with essential oils and seaweed to support the rebalancing of energy flow, adipose tissue and fluid retention.

50 Minutes - €130

Ayurveda Garshan Tone

A treatment designed to stimulate lipolysis and fat burning, supporting drainage and oxygenation of the body. Helps to reduce imperfections caused by cellulite, improve tissue tone and elasticity.

50 Minutes - €130


Cinq Mondes has created some special spa experiences; choose from any of the following:

– The Siam Ritual includes the Purée de Papaye Scrub and a Balinese-Thai Massage

– The Ancient Bangalore Indian Ritual includes the Aromatic Scrub with Spices and Boreh, as well as an Ayurvedic Massage

80 Minutes - €180

For something extra indulgent, choose the following:

– The Moroccan Ritual includes the Savon Noir Beldì Scrub, the Crème de Rassoul Purifying Wrap and a traditional Oriental Massage

105 Minutes - €200