About Brown's Hotel

The Donovan Bar at Brown’s Hotel launches after extensive re-design with a new menu from Salvatore Calabrese


Residing in one of London’s most iconic hotels, the Donovan Bar has long been known as one of the most intimate and sophisticated drinking dens in the city playing host to gatherings of the most glamorous faces of Mayfair’s elite fashion and art scene. Taking inspiration from the bar’s namesake and close friend of the Forte family, the iconic 1960’s photographer Sir Terence Donovan, Salvatore has created a list of 16 original cocktails divided into four sections: bright and refreshing High Exposure; dark and mellow Low Exposure; strong and bold High Contrast; and soft and delicate Low Contrast. The bar will also play host to live music every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings showcasing an eclectic mix of artists and creating a vibrant, speakeasy vibe. 

Our Team

  • Drinks Maestro Salvatore Calabrese

    Salvatore Calabrese is one of the world’s leading bartenders and a former President of the United Kingdom Bartender’s Guild. He has been making drinks for more than forty years in top hotels, private members clubs and exclusive cocktail bars. In 1980, Salvatore moved to England and joined the Dukes Hotel, where he came up with the concept of Liquid History and created the recipe for the ultimate Dry Martini. He has since moved to the Lanesborough Hotel and ran his own bar at the Fifty St James club.

  • Bar Manager Maurizio Palermo

    Born in Belvedere, southern Italy, Palermo was clearly destined for a triumphant career in the drinks industry. Maurizio Palermo’s journey began at the tender age of 16; he has since worked at the prestigious Bar 45 at the 45 Park Lane Hotel and later joined forces with Calabrese at The Playboy Club. You can find Maurizio Palermo behind the bar meticulously crafting the perfect cocktail, telling a guest a Brown’s illustrious tale or two or playing host in the Donovan Bar’s hidden ‘naughty corner’, tucked away in the dramatic surroundings of the bar.

  • Assistant Bar Manager Federico Pavan

    With over 10 years in the industry, creating cocktails for the refined, the rich and the famous, Pavan is dedicated to seamless service and inimitable attention to detail. Right hand man to Bar Manager, Maurizio Palermo, Pavan is the soul behind the menu and precision behind the bar. Follow his unwritten journey with the first chapter starting at The Donovan Bar.