Sample Menus

English Tea Room

Light Meals

Light meals

  • Brown’s Club Sandwich £16.95
  • Ground Rib Steak Burger……With Or Without £19.25
  • Bookmaker Sandwich With Scrumpy-Fried Onions £19.50
  • Swainson House Farm Corn-Fed Chicken Sandwich £11.25
  • With Gem Hearts And Mayonnaise £5.50
  • Hix’s Fish Dog, A Small Fish Finger With Mushy Peas In A Brioche Bun £19.50
  • Wiltshire Ham And Montgomery’s Cheddar Toastie £12.95
  • Albemarle Smoked Salmon ‘Hix Cure’ With Watercress £14.25
  • Welsh Rabbit £6


Brown's Express Breakfast £17.50

  • A Selection Of Breakfast Bites Served On A Traditional Stand
  • Bacon Bap, Smoked Salmon Bagel And Scrambled Eggs
  • Assorted Danish Pastries Or Mixed Toasts
  • Choice Of Freshly Squeezed Juices
  • Choice Of Teas, Coffees Or Herbal Infusions

Breakfast A La Carte

  • White Or Brown Toast £4.75
  • Pastry Basket £6.50
  • Drop Scone With Autumn Fruits £6.75
  • Aberdeenshire Smoked Salmon With Scrambled Burford Brown Eggs £15.50
  • Orkney Kippers With Lemon Butter £12.75
  • Brown’s Bacon Bap £8.25
  • Kedgeree £11.50
  • Omelette With Your Choice Of Filling £14.50
  • Herb-Baked Field Mushrooms With Poached Burford Brown Eggs And Hollandaise £13.75
  • Soft-Boiled Braddock White Duck’s Eggs Sourdough Soldiers £8.50
  • Eggs Benedict/Albemarle 1 Egg / 2 Eggs £10/£14
  • Bubble & Squeak With A Fried Burford Brown Egg And Woodland Mushrooms
  • Waffle With Autumn Fruits Or Streaky Bacon & Maple Syrup
  • Selection Of Freshly Squeezed Juices
  • Selection Of Coffee, Tea And Herbal Infusions


Tea-Tox Healthy Afternoon Tea £45

  • Smoked chicken and guacamole on spelt bread
  • Poached salmon and dill crème fraiche on dark rye bread
  • Chicory leaf with smoked mackerel and a soft-boiled quail’s egg
  • Gem heart leaf with tabbouleh
  • Lime and apple jelly (apple juice, lime juice, gelatine, sugar free xylitol)
  • Blueberries and lemon cream served in a chocolate cup (blueberries, lemon, low-fat crème fraîche and sugar-free xxoline chocolate)
  • Flourless chocolate cake (hazelnut oil, marzipan, eggs, dark chocolate, sugar free xylitol, topping: dark chocolate, inverted sugar, butter, orange juice)
  • Orange cake with yogurt topping (orange, sugar-free xylitol, eggs, ground almond, low fat yogurt, low fat crème fraîche, lemon, honey and gelatine)
  • Seasonal fruit sorbet (seasonal fruit, water, stabilizer, sugar free xylitol, glucose)
  • Fruit skewers with yoghurt and honey
  • Choice of teas

Tea-Tox’ Healthy Champagne Afternoon Tea £55

  • For a memorable afternoon, relax with a glass of Dosnon & Lepage, extra-brut champagne, which is low in calories.

Traditional Afternoon Tea

Traditional Afternoon Tea £45

  • Freshly cut sandwiches
  • Assorted pastries
  • Freshly baked fruit and plain scones with clotted cream and strawberry preserve
  • A choice of cakes from the trolley
  • A choice of teas and herbal infusions

Champagne Afternoon Tea £55

  • Indulge in a glass of "R" de Ruinart Champagne along with our traditional afternoon tea

Rosé Champagne Afternoon Tea £58

  • Indulge in a glass of Ruinart Rosé Champagne along with our traditional afternoon tea

Gluten Free Afternoon Tea £45

  • Gluten-free Afternoon Tea is available on request

Ruinart Rose 250th Anniversary Afternoon Tea £115 (for two people)

  • In celebration of the 250th anniversary of Ruinart Rosé, Brown’s Hotel is serving Ruinart Rosé 250th Anniversary Afternoon Tea. This menu has been created as part of a series of events to mark 250 years since the first ever Rosé Champagne, and has been crafted to complement the aromas and flavours associated with the Ruinart Rosé.
  • Menu includes:
  • Gazpacho
  • Freshly cut finger sandwiches
  • Freshly baked fruit and plain scones with clotted cream and strawberry preserve
  • Assorted seasonal pastries
  • A choice of cakes from the trolley or a giant Ruinart Rosé macaroon for two
  • A choice of teas and herbals infusions
  • Half bottle of Ruinart Rosé Champagne

  • To make a booking please call +44 (0) 207 518 4155
  • Advance bookings are highly recommended
  • A discretionary service charge of 12.5% will be added to your bill
  • Prices are inclusive of Value Added Tax

Tea Selection


  • Brown's Morning Blend
  • A comforting and full breakfast classic, with rich malty sweetness and vivid ruby coloured infusion.
  • Brown's Afternoon Blend
  • Balanced and full : lots of light, graceful and complex top notes followed by a pungent, malty finish. refreshing and fortifying.
  • Assam Gold, Assam, India
  • Balanced, deep and harmonious flavours combining subtle red fruits, fired leaf and toasted grains.
  • Darjeeling 2nd flush, Okayti Estate, Darjeeling, India
  • Sprightly, lively, sally and refreshing, with an enticing combination of fresh grass, plant sap and woodland earth.
  • Nilgiri Frost, Parkside Estate, Nilgiri, India
  • An exceptional tea combining fragrant notes of wild grasses and tart apple with a refreshing finish.
  • Earl Grey, Sri Lanka
  • Refreshing and sweet, with lifted citrus charm freshening the structured tenacity of the ceylon leaf. A perfectly focussed classic.
  • Ceylon, Sri Lanka
  • A rich, soft and full tea, with a gentle yet textured profile. The taste is long and satisfying, with an almost creamy wealth to it.
  • Organic Bohea Lapsang, Fujian, China
  • Calm, serene and reassuringly smoky with a supple, creamy, liquorice-root finish. The original Lapsang tea made by the same family for 400 years.
  • Cornish Grown Tea
  • Cornwall has finally created the first true English Tea, grown on home soil at Tregothnan tea plantation near Truro. This fine blend of Cornish and Assam leaves gives a unique breakfast syle tea, suitable any time of the day.


  • Oriental Beauty Oolong
  • This taiwan oolong is honeyed and sweet, offering a complex aroma.


  • Organic Dragon Well Green Tea, Zhejiang, China
  • China's most famous green tea, Jing's Dragon Well has lively and garden-fresh flavours underscored by silky hazelnut and liquorice root complexity.
  • Jasmine Pearls, Fujian, China
  • Velvety, full and enticing green tea leaf lifte by fresh and heady jasmine aroma. The taste is sumptuous, round and deeply jasmine infused.


  • Silver Needle White Tea, Fujian, China
  • Light, delicate, fruity flavours underpinned by cucumber and melon freshness yet surprisingly full textured with a stunning velvety finish.


  • Organic whole camomile flowers
  • Bright, full, mellow, floral depths with soft, refreshingly bitter vegetal complexities in the finish. Sweet yet austere - the definitive camomile combination.
  • Whole Peppermint Leaf
  • Insistent, deep and full mint flavours with an almost oily mid-palate, subsiding cleanly towards an intensely perfumed finish.
  • Rooibos
  • High in anti-oxidants and caffeine free, for many people this infusion offers a great combination of health and flavour. It originates in South Africa and is a very healthy after dinner drink.
  • Blackcurrant and Hibiscus fruit infusion
  • Vivid, intense and lively, with a rich spectrum of berry fruits, bright supporting acidity and a sweet, perfumed finish. Refreshing, even bracing and full of charm.
  • We also offer fresh mint, fresh ginger, along with a Silver needle and Rosebuds blend.

  • To make a booking please call +44 (0) 207 518 4155
  • Advance bookings are highly recommended
  • A discretionary service charge of 12.5% will be added to your bill
  • Prices are inclusive of Value Added Tax

Brown's Seasonal Tea Library

Brown's Seasonal Tea Library - £5 supplement

  • Designed for those who seek out the highest quality, Brown's Seasonal Tea Library is a collection of the world's most exquisite teas from family-owned tea gardens. As they come into season, these remarkable creations are selected for Brown's library, stored carefully and prepared to perfection.
  • Our Library is monitored and curated by our tea traders, Lalani & Co London, and our tea sommelier is available to provide advice.
  • The teapots used for the library were designed by British ceramic artist, Billy Lloyd, with Lalani & Co. Each piece was handmade in London by Billy himself. where the size and shape were designed to perfectly infuse teas of this quality. The glassware used is by the family owned glass maker, Riedel Crystal.
  • 3,000-5,000FT | Biodiverse
  • Every year, Lalani & Co and Makaibari select the grand reserve; the prime batch of the 2nd flush. The grand reserve 2012 has full leaves and an abundance of the muscatel flavour which is so highly prized in Darjeeling.
  • 4,000-5,000FT | Chin-Shin varietal
  • From Taiwan's highest mountain, notes of sweet, honeyed tobacco, stewed fruit and a smooth texture. The complex flavour is a combination of the roasting and the high quality Chin-Shin varietal.
  • 655-1,640FT | Yabukita varietal
  • An exceptional sencha, with a balance of citrus, vegetal, grassy and umami notes, made solely from the yabukita varietal of tea plant.
  • 3,200-4,200FT | AV2, T78 Varietal
  • Very rare tea from a boutique organic garden in india. A special lot, held back for a year to mature.
  • A supplement of £5 with your afternoon tea

  • To make a booking please call +44 (0) 207 518 4155
  • Advance bookings are highly recommended
  • A discretionary service charge of 12.5% will be added to your bill
  • Prices are inclusive of Value Added Tax

Best Rate Guarantee

Best Rate Guarantee

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