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Hot-air Balloon Tours

Glide above the undulating Apulian landscape in a hot-air balloon to admire breath-taking vistas of this extraordinary region. Combining adventure with romance, our expert team navigates your journey across the sky, serving a feast of delicious aperitivo along the way. Finally, enjoy a picturesque bird’s-eye view of Masseria Torre Maizza’s verdant grounds – our hot-air balloon alights at this exquisite destination for the ultimate stylish arrival. Flights can be arranged privately or with a group, journeying over Puglia’s most celebrated sights.

A historic gem comprising layers of ancient civilisation, Matera is a labyrinth of rupestrian homes, crypts and churches carved into the rocky landscape. A UNESCO World Heritage site since 1993, and the 2019 European Capital of Culture, our hot-air balloon journeys offer a rare opportunity to explore the historic settlement from above.

Terra delle Gravine
Terra delle Gravine nature reserve is generously peppered with ancient rupestrian settlements, fascinating archaeological sites and dazzling rock formations, not to mention its wealth of flora and fauna. Drift above it and glimpse treasured historic sites hidden amongst the foliage.

Calanchi Lucani
The otherworldly landscapes south of Basilicata are set in breath-takingly dramatic relief when admired from above. At Calanchi Lucani, towering rock formations dwarf the surrounding woodlands, and its deep ravines, arid dunes and soaring peaks have inspired poets, painters and filmmakers over the centuries.

Itria Valley
Clusters of trulli flanked by verdant vineyards and olive groves, Itria Valley is where to discover authentic Puglia. A bird’s eye view takes in a patchwork of charming villages such as Alberobello, Locorotondo, Martina Franca and Cisternino. Ostuni appears as a mirage, perched upon a hill amidst olive trees, whose leafy foliage plunges down towards the blue of the Adriatic Sea.

Gravina in Puglia
A city of water and stone woven through with tunnels and studded with rupestrian churches and ancient granaries, Gravina in Puglia evidences Puglia’s rich, historic past. From the comfort of a hot-air balloon, gaze down upon its busy streets and piazzas, admiring the jigsaw layout of its old town linked across the ravine by the Ponte Viadotto.

Castel del Monte
A stark and arresting outpost set in Puglia’s broad landscape, Castel del Monte is a striking citadel that’s entirely unique among the area’s architecture. Commissioned by Frederick II of Swabia in 1240, the castle’s octagonal ramparts can be appreciated from above as a masterpiece of medieval military architecture.

Aperitivo above Masseria Torre Maizza
Masseria Torre Maizza is absolutely beautiful at ground level, but seen from above, it offers an entirely unique perspective. Allow us to serve you a glass of chilled Fiano alongside a picnic of regional delicacies as you take in the 360-degree panorama from above our olive groves. For a special moment to be remembered forever, this is the coup d’état.

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