Irene Forte
Spa, Puglia

Revive your mind and body in our Puglian spa, where we fuse the regenerative powers of nature and science. The floral scent of orange blossom fills the air, and nourishing Mediterranean botanicals – harvested from Verdura Resort's Organic Farm – enrich our proprietary skincare products.

This is complemented by innovative, high technology that’s integrated into our advanced facials and body treatments which, alongside the relaxing and indulgent therapies, are all carried out by our expert team of Therapists and Specialists.

Opening Hours:
Spa: open daily, from 10:00 to 20:00.
Gym: 24 hours for in-house guests.


Irene Forte’s personal ambition to create an incomparable spa has resulted in a range of experiences that diffuse the essence of Mediterranean wellness, and lift your whole being. Physical, emotional and spiritual health are all addressed in luxurious settings where innovative Irene Forte Skincare products, and advanced technologies, are used by expert practitioners to restore your body and soul.

Irene Forte’s approach is distinguished by her high ethical standards. In recognition of those standards, Irene Forte Skincare has already achieved B Corp status and has been awarded the Butterfly Mark by Positive Luxury for sustainable excellence.



Spa Etiquette

  • We recommend you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment in order to enjoy the full experience.
  • All treatments start and end on time to avoid any inconvenience for subsequent guests.
  • We recommend refraining from consuming alcohol prior to a spa treatment.
  • We kindly advise our male guests to shave one day prior to a facial treatment so we can achieve the best results. It is advisable for female guests not to shave legs immediately before a body treatment or scrub in order to avoid possible irritations or redness of the skin.
  • Please dress appropriately when visiting the spa. Trainers are compulsory in the gym. Therapists will provide you with disposable slips for treatments.
  • Please respect the private and serene atmosphere and refrain from using mobile phones within the spa.
  • For in-house guests, we recommend that you visit the spa in the robes and slippers provided in your room.
  • We recommend that all jewellery and valuables are stored safely in your room. For external guests we have a safe at our Spa Reception.
  • Please note that the use of the spa is not permitted to children under 16. We have created a dedicated treatment menu for Kids and Teens under the age of 16 that can be carried out in our treatment rooms or in the comfort of your room.


  • We recommend that you make a reservation prior to your arrival to ensure we can accommodate your requests.
  • If you are not staying at the hotel, a credit card is required to hold your reservation. If staying in-house, please call extension 2820 to book your treatments.
  • If you are an external guest, please call +39 080 438 1821 Alternatively, email us at
  • Please note that a cancellation fee of 50% will be charged for cancellations made within 12 hours of your scheduled treatment time. The appointment can be cancelled free of charge up to 12 hours before your scheduled treatment time.
  • If you arrive up to 15 minutes late, your treatment time will be reduced by the delayed time and you will be charged the full price.
Irene Forte, Founder of Irene Forte Skincare

The Natural Science of
Irene Forte Skincare

The proprietary Irene Forte Skincare range achieves outstanding results with natural ingredients in formulations shaped by 35 years of skincare research and development. Based on the research of her Scientific Director Dr. Francesca Ferri -a pioneer in the medical use of plant extracts to treat skin conditions- Irene has introduced novel ingredients in products which have shown extraordinary results in independent clinical and user trials. Irene Forte Skincare products are suitable for all skin types and have even been clinically approved for sensitive skin.

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Phytomelatonin Rejuvenating Serum


This breakthrough anti-aging serum is backed by 35 years of research, clinically proven to significantly reduce five signs of aging while calming and soothing the skin, with a pure blend of 70% APM™ and 30% Vitamin E.


A radical step forward in natural skincare, Dr Ferri’s patented extraction technique for Alpine Plant Melatonin harnesses the power of Phytomelatonin. This serum reduces the appearance of wrinkle depth and volume, brown spots, UV spots, red areas and pore visibility – plus notably increases skin elasticity – proven in clinical trials after just four weeks. With continued use, notice a visible skin youth boost, further enhanced by the protective antioxidant properties of 30% Vitamin E.

Suitable for mature, dry or dehydrated skin, and dermatologically proven safe for sensitive skin.



Clinically proven to reduce appearance of wrinkle depth and volume.


Clinically proven to reduce dark spots.  


Clinically proven to reduce pore visibility.


Clinically proven to increase elasticity.


Clinically proven to help reduce red areas.

From her student days in the 70s, Dr. Francesca Ferri has been fascinated by the hormone melatonin and in particular, its counterpart in plants: Phytomelatonin. Through the development of a patented technique to extract Phytomelatonin from plants in 2006; the publication of research in 2019 that showed Phytomelatonin can regulate skin ageing; and now with the launch of Phytomelatonin Rejuvenating Serum, Dr. Ferri’s fascination has grown into a lifelong quest to understand the role and benefits of Phytomelatonin.

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Masseria Torre Maizza is located in the most glamorous destination on the Italian Adriatic coast.

Masseria Torre Maizza is located in the most glamorous destination on the Italian Adriatic coast.

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Masseria Torre Maizza is located in the most glamorous destination on the Italian Adriatic coast.

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