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The beating heart of Sicily’s capital, Palermo’s busy, buzzy markets should be the first stop for anyone seeking authentic taste of the city. Better still, let a seasoned professional guide you in a city tasting tour, market trip and cooking class. Our local chef will lead you through the winding walkways of Vucciria, Ballarò or Capo market to source ingredients – tasting local street food specialties such as panelle fritters and pane con la milza en route. Ingredients gathered, you’ll head to a traditional Sicilian trattoria to cook up a storm, ready to enjoy with a selection of Sicilian wine and desserts. Buon appetito!



Visit the historic wine cellars of Marsala’s famous Florio and Donnafugata wineries – leading producers of traditional Marsala wine. This one-day oenophile adventure sets off from Palermo, heading straight to heritage Florio Winery – Marsala producers for over 200 years – then onto family-run Donnafugata Winery, making wine for over a century. Here, guests will be treated to a viticulture class from Donnafugata’s expert winemaker, before a Sicilian lunch on site. En route back to the city, the tour will take in the coastal “via del sale”, or salt road – a remarkable stretch of salt-plans and windmills, dating back to the Phoenicians and still used today. 



In the wooded hillsides rising above outer Palermo sits Baglio di Pianetto – a grand castle, unique winery and family home of innovative winemaker Count Paolo Marzotto. A remarkably biodiverse estate famed for its merlot, grillo, cabernet and catarratto grapes, a visit to the Marzotto winery is a delight for lovers of nature and wine alike. Welcomed by the Marzotte family, guests will explore the winery before taking a traditional Sicilian cookery class with a leading local chef – enjoying the fruits of their labour over lunch accompanied by a winetasting of Baglio di Pianetto’s world-famous wines. 



Crispy arancini, panelli and crochete; herb-infused sfincione, marzipan-topped cassata and melt-in-the-mouth cannoli – Palermo’s street food offerings are exciting, varied and invariably delicious. Uncover the best eats and hidden gems of this culinary hotspot in a guided gastro-tour of the city. Led by a local expert, you’ll first visit Palermo’s cacophonic food markets – filled with just-caught fish, Technicolor fruit, fresh vegetables and fragrant herbs. Appetites piqued, your guide will take you through the winding backstreets of the city, tastings its finest street food delicacies as you go. An unmissable epicurean experience.