From Family Hideaways to Historic Treasures, Sicily Delights

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García Márquez, Gabriel
“Going to Sicily is better than going to the moon.”

In the words of the Nobel Prize-winning author Gabriel García Márquez, “Going to Sicily is better than going to the moon.” With rugged scenery and serpentine coastline, Italy's largest island draws in all manner of travellers, from outdoorsy and adventurous families to history enthusiasts and honeymooning couples.

The Heart of the Action

Verdura Resort on Sicily’s south-west coast is tailor-made for the sporty. Throughout the summer, our Academies with the Stars programme provides access to world-class sports stars from international footballers to Olympic medallists. Join Tania Cagnotto to hone diving skills, improve your tennis swing with Omar Camporese – who’s beaten legends such as Ivan Lendl – or smash your training goals by taking breath classes, resistance training or learning a martial art.

Verdura Resort’s well maintained 18-hole championship courses overlooking the sea are a magnet for golfers, while our two kilometres of Mediterranean coastline are perfect for a walk or short bike ride.

Sicily for Nature Lovers

With its gardens and olive, lemon and palm trees, Sicily offers infinite opportunities for those who love the great outdoors. Of Sicily’s regional parks and 77 nature reserves, Parco dell’Etna is the second largest, covering 58,000 hectares – 170 times the size of New York’s Central Park – and it’s home to Europe’s most active volcano.

Parco delle Madonie in the north of the island, and less than two hours by car from Villa Igiea, offers mountain bike trails, rock climbing, orienteering and off-roading.


Shared Island adventures

Get the whole gang together; it’s been a while since we’ve been able to gather and you’ve got big birthdays and anniversaries to celebrate. Sharing one of our design-centric Rocco Forte Private Villas overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, you’ll find everything on your doorstep. 

Arrange for a chef to come to your house, dip into the award-winning spa or book in with a golf pro, all from the comfort of your airy four bedroom villa. Between our Concierge, Emanuele Venezia, charming restaurants, and two kilometres of private coastline, our villas at Verdura Resort are designed with large gatherings in mind.

An Island for Romantics

For those holidaying à deux, rose-scented Villa Igiea is a romantic spot where Greek ruins frame views of the sea. Trace the path of socialites and Hollywood stars through the tiered gardens that sweep down to the port on the edge of the Tyrrhenian Sea. 

Explore the city’s eclectic and romantic past from Palermo’s 12th century cathedral to the intricate and beautiful mosaics found in the Norman palaces.

Heritage sites for History Lovers

Occupied by successive civilisations since the ancient Greeks, Sicily’s former residents have all left their mark. Like an onion, the island reveals layers of history dating back to Palaeolithic times. Stunning examples of Greek and Roman architecture remain and the island’s capital, Palermo, is rich in Byzantine mosaics, at their most magical glinting in the early morning sun’s rays.

Moorish buildings and Norman architecture make the Arab-Norman area of Palermo a Unesco World Heritage Site. Explorers with a fascination for the past can Discover Sicily with Villa Igiea and drive through town in a vintage Fiat 500. Embark on a 3-hour guided tour, ending at the 12th century Zisa Castle, where you’ll discover why it’s named after an Arab word for “the glorious.”


To uncover the Sicily, enlist the help of our local experts at Verdura Resort and Rocco Forte Private Villas at or +39 09 25998001, or contact Villa Igiea in Palermo by emailing or calling +39 091 631 2111.

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