at Villa Igiea


Our gym is equipped with the latest gym gadgets, free weights and Technogym weight machines, along with a full range of Technogym cardio equipment. There is also a small fitness studio.

The gym is open 24/7 and needs to be booked ahead. From 11:00am to 9:00pm the gym can only be accessed from the spa reception where guests will receive a sports bag containing a face towel and bottle of water. For each hour, a maximum of 5 people is allowed. After 9:00pm, guests will be able to access directly to the gym and will find the sports bags inside.


We will help you achieve your personal goals. Our personal trainer uses an array of training techniques, from endurance and strength to weight loss and flexibility, in order to help clients and guests get the most out of their sessions.

Personal Training:

60 min €90
3 sessions 60 min €230
5 sessions 60 min €380


Our yoga expert specialises in a variety of yoga practises, such as morning dynamic flow, slow flow yoga, core strength Vinyasa flow yoga, yoga for sport and yoga for spine health. Whatever your requirements, she will personalise each session to your needs, helping you gain inner balance, strength and flexibility. Sessions can take place in our fitness studio or in the comfort of your room or suite.

Personal yoga:

60 min €90
3 sessions 60 min €230
5 sessions 60 min €380


Get into shape with our private pilates sessions in our fitness studio or in the comfort of your room or suite. Our instructor will teach you a combination of strength, posture and movement exercises to stretch and tone the body.

60 Mins - €90


We offer classes in our fitness studio, making exercise fun and sociable. Please contact our spa team for the schedule.

Group Fitness Classes:

60 min €25


If you are short of time or simply prefer to workout in the privacy of your room, we have developed a roll-in Technogym fitness case with a QR code that connects you to a virtual trainer and a range of fitness videos. A Technogym bike is also available with on-demand and live classes, as well as full body workouts. Please contact our spa team for in-room equipment.

Technogym Case: for 2 hours - €40 / full day - €75

Technogym Bike: for 2 hours - €65 / full day - €100