Artistic Treasures

Explore surrealist dreams in Brussels, the hidden world of Michelangelo in Florence, and the depths of Damien Hirst in Munich.  Learn a new language as artistic giants converse in Berlin, or travel back to Fidia’s ancient sculpture in Rome and Palermo's Art Nouveau legacy.

A Celebration of Dance

Spring awakens with the magic of dance. Witness the Scottish Ballet's powerful Swan Lake in Edinburgh or immerse yourself in the artistry of world-renowned dancers at the National Theatre's Ballet Festival Week in Munich.

Beyond the Script

Journey to ancient ruins in Syracuse for classic Greek plays or delve into captivating contemporary performances at Berlin's renowned Berliner Theatertreffe.

Culture for Families

Spark their imaginations with immersive exhibitions, playful displays, and hands-on activities across Europe. Unleash inner wizards at the Harry Potter Exhibition, conduct symphonies at the LSO Family Concerts, or be amazed by the Edinburgh International Children's Festival.

Festivals to celebrate

Unlock Rome's hidden gems, raise a stein at Munich's Spring Festival, and discover Puglia's ancient ceramic secrets. Immerse yourself in Palermo's cultural tapestry or witness nature's artistry at the Chelsea Flower Show

Immersed in Sound

Spring awakens with the symphony of Europe. Witness operatic grandeur in Florence, explore the cutting-edge of music theatre in Munich, and let the vibrant rhythms of jazz captivate you in Brussels. Experience musical performances that stir the soul and guide you on an unforgettable journey through sound.