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When playing the gentleman’s sport of golf, it’s vital to look the part, act like a pro and follow the rules, especially when frequenting world-class courses like the East and West courses at Verdura Resort. With the Sicilian mountains and Mediterranean Sea providing a beautiful backdrop and year-round sun heating the game up, golf at the Sicilian hotel is beyond compare. Home to three world-class courses; two 18-hole championship golf courses and a nine-hole par-3 course designed by the illustrious Kyle Phillips; two kilometres of private coastline, lush landscaped lawns and state-of-the-art facilities, the 570-acre site provides a memorable challenge for all levels. Whether you’re a beginner or expert, the first step to playing a successful game of golf is to master the etiquette. Follow this quintessential gentleman’s guide to golf and you’ll never put a foot out of place.

Dress code

A golfer’s appearance speaks volumes about their game. Make your first impression count with a carefully considered outfit that follows the rules yet still looks smart. Firstly, ensure you’re wearing the appropriate gear, so tailored trousers or shorts and golf shirts for men or collared shirts and tailored trousers, shorts or skirts for women. Pay attention to detail by checking your shoes are clean, your shirttail is tucked in and your cap is on correctly. When in Sicily, visit the Verdura Resort clubhouse golf shop to pick up any essentials you’re missing from leading brands such as Titleist, Footjoy, Ecco, Hugo Boss, Golfino and Colmar.


Manners are of the upmost importance when playing golf. Ensure you’re a respectful partner by following these three simple rules. First and foremost, don’t be the slowest player. While golf is a leisurely sport, you don’t want to hold up your teammates, or the groups behind you. If necessary, invite faster players to pass through. Secondly, it’s important to control your emotions. Don’t lose your temper if a complicated (or easy) shot doesn’t go your way and don’t gloat if your partner loses his or her touch. Thirdly, it’s polite to be a silent partner and allow your fellow players to concentrate as they take their shots – this includes silencing phones. 


A good set of clubs makes the world of difference to a player’s game. If you’re not travelling with your own, Verdura Resort clubhouse rents out graphite, steel regular and stiff-shafted equipment. Select your sets before travelling to ensure your favourite is reserved for you – each golfer must play with their own set. The clubhouse also offers an overnight re-gripping service as well as complimentary shoe and club cleaning and storage, to ensure the experience is as seamless as possible.

Getting around

A golf cart is often the easiest way to get around a golf course, but driving it comes with guidelines. Don’t play hardball with the cart – stick to designated paths and fairways. It’s also important to ensure that you leave no trace, so avoid driving over wet areas or patches that are already damaged by traffic, and take a slightly different path to your fellow players to reduce traffic. 

The course

When playing on a beautiful course it’s polite to maintain it. Show your respect by taking care of the course as you play, by replacing divots, raking bunkers and repairing any pitch marks on the green.


Just as an hour at the après ski is an ideal way to round off a day on the slopes, a drink after a game of golf is a right of passage. Verdura Resort’s private clubhouse offers two worthy options. Enjoy a coastal sunset over Sicilian beer or wine at Torre Bar, or refresh and refuel at Liolà, a Sicilian trattoria overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Unwind after a long day on the course with a Golfer’s Massage at the 4,000sqm Verdura Spa, the flagship of the new Rocco Forte Spas.

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