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Often the most longstanding of relationships are borne out of chance encounters, and nowhere is this better exemplified than at the Hotel Savoy in Florence. 

Struck instantly by the iconic Pucci designs, Rocco Forte Hotels’ Director of Design, Olga Polizzi, was inspired to forge a creative alliance with Laudomia Pucci and the esteemed house of Pucci which has blossomed into a lifelong friendship. The collaboration of two Florentine legends evolved through a simple admiration of impeccable Italian style, prevalent in the striking interiors sweeping through Hotel Savoy. Lively pops of Pucci’s colourful print are married with the building’s historical features, creating quite the impression when guests step through the door of the elegant lobby.

Emilio Pucci’s original design depicts Florence's iconic Piazza della Repubblica,which Hotel Savoy overlooks. So evocative was the image that the creative duo had it printed directly onto glass to form the tabletops for Irene bistro’s terrace.

To celebrate memorable moments in Florence, the design has also been beautifully printed into exquisite scarves made of pure silk twill, handmade by the master craftsmen of Italy's Lake Como area. Each scarf is a labour of love and a true collector's item, featuring the "Emilio Pucci Made in Italy" tag sketched in the corner. 

With romantic celebrations on the horizon, these make a wonderful gift for loved ones to symbolise your next romantic getaway, when you’re ready to travel again. Choose between pretty pink or cool blue, or a chic pillowcase to uplift your living room, which also comes in a vivacious pink and bold shades of blue


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