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Excitement is mounting on the isle of Sicily. Over the past few months, our dedicated teams at Verdura Resort have been busy crafting an exhilarating outdoor programme for 2021, packed with culinary workshops, hiking and cycling adventures, as well as a star-studded line up of celebrity sports guests to hone your skills this year. We’re delighted to be welcoming guests back to a refreshing new season at Verdura Resort from the 29th April 2021.


Below, Verdura Resort Manager, Massimo Moreschini, gives the inside scoop on a host of new activities to enjoy in sunny Sicily. It’s time to dig out your golf clubs, tennis rackets and trainers and let the games ensue.


How have you spent the winter months in Sicily, and which new developments at the resort can guests look forward to?

Over the winter, I’ve taken the opportunity to explore Sicily in much greater detail. I’m starting my third season at Verdura Resort and I must say that this region has so many secrets to unearth; if you like to venture out and explore, we’re only a short drive away from historical sites such as Erice, an ancient village beautifully preserved where you feel transported back in time. Close by, Gangi is a medieval town that straddles the Madonie mountain range, while Borgo Parrini is a bright and colourful little village towards Palermo.


The weather here in Sicily is very kind to us, so I’m looking forward to spending time down on the beach; there are some wonderful spots to go walking with the family.


In terms of new developments, I’m excited to be launching our much-anticipated Rocco Forte Private Villas. They are beautifully built, private residences each with a pool and breath-taking views toward the resort valley; the perfect destination to relax and unwind.


What are you most excited about showing guests at Verdura Resort this year?

Aside from our new Rocco Forte Private Villas, this year we’re introducing exciting new water sport activities, new certified PADI diving experiences and new sport academies such as Muay Thai... but I don’t want to spoil the surprise!

Come and visit us to discover all of the great activities we have lined up for you!


The revamped and remodelled East Course is in its final stages of completion, under the watchful eye of our original course architect, Kyle Phillips; I can’t wait to see golfers playing the new course later this year.


What sort of outdoor experiences can guests look forward to both at Verdura Resort and the surrounding areas - for example, yoga classes, hiking?

We have the luxury of lots of outdoor space  - 230 hectares! Our fitness instructors are equipped to provide many activities such as yoga, Pilates classes, or you may wish to simply go for a morning run with our teams followed by some stretching exercises.


Aside from trekking, this year we’re introducing cycle trekking where we will take you to explore the resort’s beautiful surroundings and countryside.


Are there any new menus, exciting dishes or culinary activities guests can look forward to this year?

We’re working with our “Verdura Società Agricola” to learn which new vegetables will be produced in our vegetable garden this year so that, with the creativity of the renowned  Fulvio Pierangelini, we will create new and exciting dishes for you to try.


In addition to daily culinary experiences, we’ll continue to entice guests with foodie academies, pizza workshops and Sicilian cannoli making.


Verdura Resort offers an exceptional sports programme, do you have any exciting tennis players, golf coaches or other notable sports stars visiting the resort this summer?

This year we’re honoured to have many sports celebrities visiting us including tennis stars Omar Camporese, Gilles Müller, Dominik Hrbatý and Karel Nováček.


We’re also looking forward to welcoming table football star Lorenzo Nesta, cyclist Claudio Chiappucci, rugby star Giambattista Venditti, basketball star Steve Carney and many more.


As for other exciting news, we’ll soon be announcing the ITF Tournament event here at Verdura Resort, which is planned for October, where we’ll see different tennis players come together to compete with each other and perhaps, with guests too!


Book an exhilarating escape to the sun-drenched Sicilian coast with Verdura Resort by emailing reservations.verdura@roccofortehotels.com or calling +39 06 32 888 630.

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