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Lapped by the waves of the Adriatic and home to hundreds of ancient olive groves, terraced vineyards and organic farms, Puglia is a gastronomic paradise. Many have sought the secret to its homely, hearty cuisine, seemingly simple yet bewitchingly flavoursome; the answer lies in the fruits of the land and the time-honoured traditions that take them from farm to fork. Those seeking an insider’s experience of the Pugliese pantry will find no better person to lead them than celebrated Italian chef, Fulvio Pierangelini, as part of a unique and personal itinerary.


Meet the maestro himself in the shade of Masseria Torre Maizza’s gnarled olive trees and savour a local aperitivo as he introduces the experience. Over the next three days, together you’ll explore olive oil, cheese, wine and even roll up your sleeves to cook alongside Fulvio, with a private class very few can claim to have experienced.


Your journey will take you to sun-dappled olive groves, where you’ll partake in the ancient ritual of olive harvesting, and to a local oil mill, where you’ll learn to extract the precious oil from the bitter fruits. Together with Fulvio and a local cheesemaker, you’ll find yourself rolling, stretching and shaping plump burrata and mozzarella, before tasting your own artisanal produce. As night falls, in the company of our sommelier at the Bougainvillea Bar, you’ll delve into Puglia’s thousand-year-old wine culture, learning to taste and identify local flavours born of the rich earth and temperate climate. And as a fantastic finale on your last day, Fulvio invites you to join him in the kitchen, where you’ll pick up expert tips and recipes passed down through generations as you both cook and witness the maestro at work.


Alongside all these hands-on experiences and more you’ll enjoy a selection of exceptional culinary experiences at Masseria Torre Maizza, from delicious buffet breakfasts to a three-course dinner with paired wines, an atmospheric picnic and an optional pizza tasting by the glittering pool. Whether you arrive in Puglia a novice or with an in-depth knowledge of regional cuisine, you’ll leave with a plethora of new insight, tips and tricks, a more refined palate and unforgettable memories.


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Explore Italian food with Fulvio Pierangelini

Join one of our exclusive culinary retreats in Sicily or Puglia or Palermo led by Rocco Forte Hotel’s Creative Director of Food, and explore Italy’s delicious local ingredients and vibrant culture.

Immerse yourself in Italy’s fascinating history by listening to anecdotes about different recipes, and contact us to register your interest in our future culinary retreats.