An enchanting Harry Potter themed proposal at The Balmoral

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The Proposal

Since the debut of the first Harry Potter book in 1997, Guillaume and his partner Michelle have admired the book series and movies. Due to their strong connection to the Harry Potter world, it was important to Guillaume that the proposal would be based in the beautiful Scottish capital where the story was created.

The official proposal planning started with a Christmas gift from Guillaume to Michelle in 2022, the gift was flight tickets to Edinburgh for a long weekend.

Once a date for the trip was confirmed, Guillaume started the main planning of the proposal by booking a stay at The Balmoral and a private Harry Potter tour in Edinburgh. The tour was led by a ‘magician’ who guided the couple through different landmarks which inspired the famous books.

The tour concluded at Greyfriars Kirkyard, where Michelle was handed an envelope by the tour guide. Michelle was unaware that this had in fact been planned by her soon to be fiancé, who flew to Edinburgh two weeks prior to brief the guide about his proposal plan.

During their meeting he gave the guide an envelope to hand to Michelle at the end of the tour. Inside the envelope was a special Hogwarts’ letter with a list of instructions and a miniature wand attached to a delicate chain. The final instruction on the letter was to find the building where the Harry Potter books were concluded, The Balmoral hotel. 

Arriving at The Balmoral 

Once they both arrived at The Balmoral, they were led to the J.K. Rowling Suite. Two weeks earlier, when Guillaume had visited Edinburgh, he went to The Balmoral and met the wonderful team who helped him with the final stage of the plan, which was to position a chest inside the suite. Yari, a Front Desk Manager at The Balmoral, helped Guillaume decide on the best location for the chest and ensured everything was perfectly planned ahead of the day.

Once they arrived at the suite, which is the only one in the hotel with a purple door and a beautiful owl door knocker, Michelle opened the chest to find a Golden Snitch, an exact replica from the film. With the miniature wand located in her envelope she opened the snitch to find a beautiful engagement ring.

Following their magical engagement, Michelle and Guillaume spent two nights in the suite and dined at The Balmoral’s fine-dining restaurant Number One. 

The Balmoral is delighted to have been a part of this proposal and would like to wish Guillaume and Michelle a lifetime of love and happiness together.

 Let our dedicated team book your exclusive stay in the J.K. Rowling Suite at The Balmoral. 


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