Bavarian Beauty Spots to See from Munich

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Historic attractions and contemporary culture make Munich an excellent destination for urban adventures with The Charles Hotel as your base. Venture further afield and you’ll also discover that the hotel is ideally placed for guests to explore Bavaria’s renowned natural beauty.

From sparkling lakes to evocative forests and rugged mountain peaks, the region is particularly enchanting in the winter months - with the advantage of encountering fewer crowds.

A fairytale tour

Perched atop a snow-covered hill and set against a backdrop of frosted forests and jagged peaks, Neuschwanstein Castle is truly magical and well worth the drive out from the city. It’s easy to see how this 19th century Bavarian feat inspired Disney’s Cinderella castle. Commissioned by ‘Mad’ King Ludwig II who was renowned for his infatuation with Richard Wagner, Neuschwanstein is an ethereal masterpiece born out of the romance of opera.

Book a tour of the castle’s interior with its Throne Room and Singers’ Hall both designed as an homage to the German composer. Indeed, a dramatic orchestral piece might be the ideal soundtrack as you gaze out from one of the castle’s great vantage points to a fairytale panorama.

Watery wonderland

Hiking your way around the beautiful Fünfseenland (five lakes district) is a great way to add an outdoor element to your sightseeing itinerary while travelling only a short distance from the city. Popular during summer months for water-based activities, the lakes are equally worth visiting in winter when they take on a serene tranquillity.

Meanwhile, lake Königssee (or king’s lake) will reward you for the two-hour drive from Munich with quintessential views of the Bavarian Alps rising dramatically from the lakeshore. Konigssee’s emerald-green waters and its charming St. Bartholomew's Church, built in 1697, will have you reaching for your camera.

Footprints in the snow

More adventure awaits at Kampenwand. Lace up your walking boots and hike up to the 1500m-high mountain, or take in the incredible Alpine scenery while riding a cable car to the summit. Before embarking on your ascent, look out across Chiemsee lake and join a tour of the imposing Hohenaschau. One of the largest castles in Bavaria, its intricately painted Arbor hall makes for a spectacular centrepiece, while the hilltop location affords picture-perfect views of wildflower-strewn meadows.

Closer to home, Munich's lush Englische Garden is covered by a seasonal white canvas. The Isar River flows serenely through the garden while the Monopteros temple stands framed against a backdrop of wintry branches. The chilly weather invites you to skate across the Kleinhesseloher Lake or engage in a friendly snowball fight before warming up with a cup of hot chocolate.

Step back in time

With its earliest history officially dating back to 1365, Mindelheim enchants visitors with its city walls, churches, market square and town hall. Just an hour's drive from Munich, it presents a fascinating opportunity to witness the remains of a mediaeval settlement. Cobblestone streets will lead you to picturesque squares where cosy cafes beckon.

Alternatively, Nuremberg’s Altstadt (Old Town) has been restored to its former glory following the destruction wrought upon it during the Second World War. Today, its Imperial Castle watches over the historic area’s cobbled walkways and riverfront promenade, which embrace a quieter rhythm during the understated winter months.

Explore the beautiful landscapes of Bavaria with a stay at The Charles Hotel where our concierge can help craft bespoke itinerary. To book your room or suite, email or call +49 89 544 555 1430.

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