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Famous for its revered royalty, King Philippe and Queen Mathilde, Belgium is home to a trove of fairytale forests, picturesque river valleys and towering hills, Belgium is home to hundreds of castles, each with its own unique tale to tell. From romantic ruins to Renaissance keeps, these historic structures make for a magical excursion from the capital.


Royal Castle of Brussels

1.7 km from Hotel Amigo

High on your list should be The Royal Palace; the official palace of the King and Queen of Belgium and where the King Philippe exercises his authority as Head of State. Though this is not where the King and Queen reside, the castle hosts some of the country’s most VIP guests, Heads of State and ministries. During the summer months, visitors are given a rare opportunity to tour the castle from 21st July, Belgium’s national bank holiday, until the beginning of September.


Royal Palace of Laeken

6.6km from Hotel Amigo

Of equal importance, the Royal Palace of Laeken is the official home of the beloved King and Queen and was built by renowned architect Balat. During your visit, be sure to factor in time to explore The Royal Greenhouses of Laeken, an impressive complex of heated greenhouses home to many extraordinary species of flora and open to visitors during the first several weeks each spring.


Alden Biesen

99km from Hotel Amigo

Originally built by the Teutonic Order, this vast, 16th-century castle is said to be the largest between the Loire and Rhine rivers. Wander its rooms and corridors, stopping to admire the attractive internal courtyard, and step into the small museum to discover its colourful role in history. Additionally, a private church, pretty orangery and elaborate French-style gardens are all waiting to be explored.


Bouillon Castle

150,5kms from Hotel Amigo

One of the most famous medieval castles: Bouillon Castle is a medieval castle in the town of Bouillon in the province of Luxembourg, Belgium. Although it was mentioned first in 988, there has been a castle on the same site for a much longer time. The castle is situated on a rocky spur of land within a sharp bend of the Semois River



107km from Hotel Amigo

Built atop a rock in the Molignée river valley, Wallonia, this beautiful castle lies in ruins, abandoned since the late 17th century. Nonetheless, it makes for an impressive and picturesque excursion. Many walls, tunnels and towers remain intact and can be explored; with its sweeping views over rivers and forests, it’s not hard to imagine this mighty fortress in its former glory.



120km from Hotel Amigo

Legend has it that in 862 Baldwin ‘Iron Arm’ eloped here with Judith, daughter of Charles the Bald, to the fortress where the castle currently stands. After an intervention by the Pope himself, they were married and he became the Count of the newly-created County of Flanders. Besides its romantic history, today this pretty, turreted castle houses a bistro, seasonal exhibitions and a castle-themed children’s playground.



11km from Hotel Amigo

A visit to this magnificent Flemish Renaissance castle must be carefully timed, for its grounds open to the public only one month a year. The building itself remains closed, but its 14-acre gardens may be explored; a vivid display of roses, tulips, daffodils, rhododendrons and more, it’s breath-takingly bright and romantic. 


We’ve profiled just a few of Belgium’s many castles. Discover these and many more upon your next stay at Hotel Amigo. Make the most of our exceptional staycation offer and speak to our knowledgeable Concierge, who can create an itinerary tailored to you. Book by emailing

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