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Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Germany’s leading bridal magazine, Ellen Kapalka is an expert on all things weddings, from décor to dress trends to breath-taking venues. Her recommendations in Frieda Therés have inspired a number of big days held at our Hotel de Rome in Berlin, and our grand former bank has provided an appropriately scenic backdrop for her photoshoots. We speak to her for more insight on what it is that makes Berlin such an exceptional destination for weddings. 

How did Frieda Therés become Germany’s most popular bridal blog?

“I built up the courage (more important than time and money) to start Frieda Therés in 2011, and it grew to become one of Germany’s leading online wedding resources. We focus on lovely bridal things for cosmopolitan audiences. Gowns are a popular topic, next to décor, and, of course, actual weddings. After years of working in this industry, I’m still in love with it. This job is all about love.” 

What makes Berlin such a great destination for weddings?

“Berlin is one of the world’s most stunning cities—there are so many things to see in and around it. There are also plenty of venues: barns, lofts, castles, hotels and clubs. Beautiful locations in the hinterland include Sanssouci Potsdam and Schmetterlingsgarten in Brandenburg for a romantic, rustic barn wedding. I personally love the idea of combining big city vibes with luxury for a sophisticated event: in the TV Tower restaurant, on the rooftop of Stilwerk in Charlottenburg or on the roof terrace of Hotel de Rome.”

And for a winter wedding?

“I love cosy winter weddings. It’s all about creating a warm and festive atmosphere. A fireplace is perfect, as well as candles, cushions and fairy lights. A hot chocolate and coffee bar are always popular. If you’re getting married in winter, choose a city venue to reduce travel time, and host the entire occasion in one location. Hotel de Rome in the heart of Berlin is ideal—it’s one of my favourites for a winter wedding.” 

Where can we snap the most romantic wedding photos?

“At first glance, Berlin doesn’t seem as romantic as, say, Paris, but we have our secret spots: Märchenbrunnen, with its impressive architecture and botanical garden, and Wannsee beach. We even have a district called Wedding. In summer, visit the rose garden at Humboldthain, open only while the flowers are in full bloom.”

Can you tell us about upcoming trends?

“After years of bohemian and vintage weddings, we’re shifting back to classic. Thanks to Meghan Markle, relaxed and elegant is a huge trend. For colours, choose neutral tones combined with gold, silver or copper—these colourways never go out of style. Another trend is the extended destination wedding: a relaxed welcome day, the wedding day and a brunch the day after.”

Do you think Berlin makes a good honeymoon destination?

“Yes, definitely. Berlin provides ample opportunities to create lasting memories together. Couples can stroll the city, or go by bike, rickshaw, or even boat, exploring the city’s history, culture and architecture. Then they can relax together in a Berlin spa and enjoy candlelit dinners. When night falls, Berlin’s extraordinary world-famous clubs like Berghain are ideal for dancing the night away.”

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Sandra Socha & Peal Management

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